If you deal with the transportation of cargos, you might be interested in CargoCoin. This new cryptocurrency was written by a company which intends to use the technology of the Ethereum blockchain to decentralize the way that the global trade and transport will be done in the future.

The CargoCoin Sale

At the moment, you can buy CargoCoin if you want to. The cryptocurrency is currently being sold during the pre-sale of the company, which will last until April 15. The pre-sale has a 50% discount on the price of 1 CRGO token for $1 USD that is the original price of the tokens. The main sale will begin soon after this sale and the tokens will have full price.

Unlike most sales, there are many cryptocurrencies that you can use to buy CargoCoin. Here is the list: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BLK, DASH, EXP, KMD, LSK, MAID, NMC, WAVES, XMR, XRP, USDT, SYS, VTC, POT, QTUm and DCR. You can also use fiat currency from the United States, Canada, Great Britain or the Eurozone.

Only 10% of the tokens will be sold in the pre-ICO and then 55% will be sold in the main ICO. Most of the funds will be used in marketing (50%), while some will be used on R&D (30%) and other smaller features of the company.

What is CargoCoin and How Does It Solve Problems of The Industry?

This is a project which was created to modernize and disrupt all the areas related to transport like the shipping industry, inland transportation, air cargo and other types of transportation by using blockchain technology, the technology that has been getting the best results disrupting industries lately.

CargoCoin will have both a transport platform that will be used by the company to connect people who work in this industry and will use smart contracts to make the processes more available and secure. Transportation has a potential that is held back by current technologies.

This company intends to create a system in which it will be considerably easier to manage and to interact with the way of sending, receiving and approving or rejecting transportation documents and that will make the whole procedure considerably more efficient than it currently is.

The CargoCoin company intends to use the blockchain technology to deliver what could be seen as a revolution in the way that businesses are made within the transport industry. It intends to solve problems of this industry like reducing the amount of fraud that this industry has, lowering the costs of management and minimizing the delays that affect this industry.

Other important aspects are to increase the trust of the system in the people involved (which can be done via automation and blockchain), securing the information better and archiving all the details safely.

CargoCoin Creators

The lead developer of CargoCoin and main figure of the company is Bogomil Alexandrov. He has more than 20 years of experience in the development of financial software. Martin Iliev is another founder with almost 20 years working in logistics and shipping. The two united the strongest aspects of their work experience and decided to start this company to change the world.

Ilkay Topcu, Christina Sarastova, Iliana Ilieva, Samuela Valkova, Kaushik Ghosh, Mihaila Lukanova, Bogdan Todorov and Petya Kalauzka are also important members of the company that work in finances, management, development and marketing.

CargoCoin Conclusion

There are some other companies which are following the same way that CargoCoin has decided to follow. These companies have also seemed that it can be very profitable to apply the blockchain technology to the shipping industry because it can help in the logistics of the process.

Because of this, we are sure that this company is not necessarily unique, but that does not mean that its idea is bad. In fact, the idea that drives CargoCoin is excellent, the only factor that remains to be seen is how this company will deal with similar companies.

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