Blockchain technology is proving the answer to a lot of our problems regarding the handling of data. Fortunately, the transport industry seems to have taken note of this innovation and future blocking ventures are looking to explore the technology to solve some of the issues they are facing in logistics.

One such venture is CargoConX ICO. Under there concept, the ICO hopes to unite the logistic transport businesses and facilitate the coordination of information using the shared distributed ledger. Their elimination of physical paperwork could have a significant impact on the future of logistics and ultimately transport. Here's how.

What Is CargoConX?

CargoConX is a blockchain-based logistics platform that seeks to revolutionize the global transport and supply chain by making it more quick, simple and user-friendly. By using blockchain technology, the platform will allow logistics and transport companies to price their space capacity and provide shippers with competitive prices, with increased efficiency. Additionally, CargoConX will provide shippers with ownership accountability and proof of payment during exchange.

CargoConX Blockchain Transport & Logistics Services Features

The CargoConX B2B platform will encompass the following features in its ecosystem

  • Cc.connect- the core of the network will facilitate the capacity to connect potential shippers to already existing logistics platform. Seamless integration will also allow members to establish connections.
  • Cc.go- the Go mobile application is available for the devices of drivers, customers, and shippers to get real-time notifications and communicate within the network.
  • Cc.marketplace- the marketplace acts as the central data repository that will hold the network's consignments, vehicle availability, and shipment status through the efficient AI algorithms.
  • Cc.hub- there is also a CCS Hub to enable the user to monitor and manage the progress of active consignments, organize their orders, manage drivers and invoice all data.
  • PAY is CargoConX's blockchain payment system that will provide for a streamline transaction service between the businesses on the network.

CargoConX Benefits

For most business owners, the use of blockchain remains a buzzword and often difficult to comprehend. However, by simplifying the innovation's application, CargoConX will be taking over the logistics world by providing the following benefits to the business owners and customers

  • Low cost regarding fees
  • Security of transactions thanks to smart contracts
  • Cross-border payments between shippers
  • Real-time tracking of goods
  • Instant notifications on the status of the shipment
  • Proofs and verifications of the customers and businesses

CargoConX TICS Token ICO Details

CargoConX intends to use the Transit Tokens as the platform's currency for transactions between the users and for the subscriptions. Here’s more on the sale:

  • Start- May 20th 2018
  • Ends- August 31st 2018

Token Details

  • Token ticker- TICS
  • Pre-ICO Price- 1 TICS = 0.07 USD
  • Price- 1 TICS = 0.11 USD
  • Platform- Stellar
  • Accepting- ETH, Fiat
  • Minimum investment- 100 USD
  • Soft cap- 500,000 USD
  • Hard cap- 260,000,000 TICS

Token Distribution

  • Whitelist sale- 25%
  • Public sale- 40%
  • Company reserves- 10%
  • Founding Team members- 15%
  • Advisers- 10%

CargoConX Conclusion

All the signs point to the poor quality of our current logistics methods. With blockchain catching up, there is plenty of reason to use the innovation. In CargoConX‘s situation, the concept remains interesting, and the overall roadmap is robust. The only downside is that plenty of CargoConX's ideas are still in theory but would be exciting to watch in the future.

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