What Is CarHash?

CarHash implements blockchain to benefit humanity; it seeks to create reliable protection of all private resources using cryptography. The platform seeks to ensure the private resources are protected using the efficiency, convenience, and the standards of the digital age.

This platform will ensure that car purchases and sale transactions are honest. Also, it will reduce the number of documents required to register motor vehicles thus improving the ecological situation in addition to fighting against the acts of financing terrorism.

The Problem CarHash Seeks To Solve

The current protection of property against theft is not at all up to date with the current development of the digital era.

The CarHash Blockchain Private Property Protection Solution

The Carhash platform seeks to bring the property protection to the current standards of the digital era. This will be done by raising the standards of the protection, reducing bureaucracy and price, and encouraging the growth of the digital industry. The blockchain system is used on this platform to encourage the principles of honesty and openness in various transactions.

CarHash Features

High Tech

The Carhash platform uses the latest technologies making it safe and transparent.


The platform is safe and secure; it is not possible for hackers and other intruders who may not mean well for the system to access it.

Instant Transactions

The Carhash platform is built on one of the fastest blockchain, reducing the time the investors use to transact on the system.

Easy To Use

The system is easy and simple to use for the end users.

Regular Financial Statements

On the Carhash website, the investors will be getting financial statements on a regular basis.

CarHash CHT Token

The exchange of tokens and stock happens at the ration of 1:1 on the platform, giving the tokens the same value as the stock.

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