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Undoubtedly, the transcendence of blockchain technology has been felt far beyond its point of genesis, the cryptocurrency industry. Recently, Carrefour, a leading chain store, launched Europe’s pioneering blockchain-based food store. Furthermore, the company is planning to roll out the same in eight of its other products before the end of the year.

The inauguration of blockchain technology is certainly a significant step towards the realization of Carrefour’s strategic plan whose climax is 2022. The first product to integrate blockchain is the trademark free-range Carrefour Quality Line Auvergne chickens. Later on, additional products will be added to this program. These include; oranges, ground beef steak, milk, cheese, eggs, and salmon. As a result, customers will enjoy uninterrupted product traceability.

Applying Blockchain Technology In Food Industry

This is the first time a corporate giant in the food industry is offering such services. The use of the flagship Line Auvergne chickens is driven by marketing, given that the iconic cuisine attracts over a million buyers annually.

Blockchain technology will unquestionably being several benefits to the food industry as a whole. From a consumer’s perspective, it will increase transparency. For the breeder, the blockchain will provide a platform in which they can showcase their prowess. On its part, Carrefour will have a secure database as well as guarantee quality services to its clientele.

Products that are covered by blockchain technology will have a QR code from now and henceforth. Users can scan the code using the smartphone. Upon scanning, they will receive comprehensive information on the product, including its history; the journey it has taken from the farmer’s hands to the Carrefour shelves.

Ultimately, Carrefour’s vision is to become the leader in the transition of food. The implementation of blockchain is a substantial milestones towards realizing this objective. By setting this precedent, the company has increased its already thriving reputation to remarkable heights. Thus, the firm’s executive is confident that the institution is going in the track and all is set for the accomplishment of the 2022 grand plan.

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