Carta Worldwide

What Is Carta Worldwide?

Carta is a digital transaction technology provider which aims to improve the level of adaptability for banks, payment processors and commercial networks to take up tokenized mobile payments for their clients. The platform's solution will seek to simplify the deployment and management of mobile transaction products while still delivering on the necessary enhanced data security and fraud protection.

Carta's advanced tokenization system is developed in line with the security protocol of using a token to represent the cardholder's account number (PAN) during transactions or payments. The specific token is restricted for use to the particular client's device, channel, geography, amount or merchant.

Carta Worldwide Services

Digital Enablement

  • Host card emulator- the HCE is a software-backed solution that enables the user's device to emulate a payment card to make a secure and anonymous transaction without the need for a hardware Secure Element.
  • Tokenization- Carta will leverage the blockchain technology for innovative transaction processing and card management
  • Reward and loyalty- to generate consumer engagement and innovation delivery, Carta facilitates value-added options such as offers, loyalty gifts, and rewards
  • Wearables- for exceptional convenience Carta will also emulate the use of wearable smart devices to promote the contactless payment service.

Transaction Processing

  • Issuer processing- Carta‘s system provides a scalable solution for modern payment ecosystem along with additional developer tools.
  • PrePaid- Carta also supports a range of loop solutions for secure pre=paid payments for your payroll, expenses, incentives or insurance
  • Industry solutions- by using the most advanced transaction technology, Carta hopes to power the payment solutions to boost the overall industry development

CARTA Technology

  • Carta Platform- Carta offers an advanced stack engineered platform with modular layers to allow for the integration of end-to-end transaction solutions.
  • Smart token whitepaper- the whitepaper details all the latest technologies and how they could advance tokenization and make it possible to support more value-added services.
  • Token processing application- the TPA function will enable mobile payments and tokenization deployment for an ultimate turn-key solution for supporting the models
  • Platform as a Service- Carta platform will provide for the first cloud-based full payments and tokenization solutions for both the service providers and financial institutions

How Carta Worldwide Crypto Payments & Smart Tokens Works

The TPA seeks to remove any issues that confront banks when it comes to adapting to existing and upcoming models such as tokenization or cloud-based payments. With banks having a hard time, TPA will help simplify the process by putting together all the necessary components to enable the required type of solution.

The move will gather on the required hardware, software, modules and other testing pieces into one single package and provide the institutions with the full option. The solutions itself is turnkey since the banks only have to plug the solution in and start the token services. Overall, the ease of setup for the answer remains easy on behalf of banks with a strong desire to keep introduce tokenization while keeping their things on-site.

Carta Worldwide Conclusion

The Token Processing Appliances will seek to bring the best of both worlds since it carries the scalable nature of blockchain yet sustains the ease of use for the financial sector. Overal, the combination by Carta is a massive scheme despite the constant legal hurdles facing cryptocurrency. It is undeniable that Carta desires to simplify payments through faster delivery of the transactions

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