Current digital social networks sometimes get clogged with annoying people, some of whom you may not want to deal with. Well, in real life there are things that you might not have the power to control. However, Casagram offers a completely new dimension in the digital social world. What if you could choose who lives next to you? What if you could choose at least your virtual neighbors? In Casagram, it is your neighbor—your decision—your network.

Casagram – Individual And Personal

Today’s current networks, messengers, or pages can force you to use their style. But what if you could decide your own style? What if you could decide on the color or background you see on your device? What if you could choose how your friends see you? These are some of the fundamental questions, which Casagram seeks to address. In Casagram, it’s your personality—your style—your network.

Casagram – Privacy

Current networks promote unnecessary stalking and bullying. This happens because your information is available to nearly everyone on the same social network. Besides, you have no control over your identity on a particular social platform. However, what if you could control who gets in touch with you? What if you could control who can like you, your photos, or your videos? At Casagram, you get total control over who can do those things mentioned above. In the end, it’s your data, your property, your network.

Casagram – No Information Overload

Today, you have to subscribe to various pages, newspapers, and even groups in particular networks in order to stay informed. However, think about staying informed in an easier way. What if you could avoid the information overload that is associated with the current social networks? At Casagram, you have the privilege to not only choose the genre but also to select the trendiest and the latest. In other words, it is your choice, your news, your network.

Casagram – Adverts Or No Adverts

In the present social networks, every page or network is full of annoying adverts, some of which you may not even think of subscribing to. Like many other people out there, some adverts can be so annoying on your network. But, what if you could decide to see or not to see an advert? What if you could choose which specific adverts to see? At Casagram, it is your choice, your freedom, your network.

Casagram – Your Data, Your Property

Today’s networks have made it easier for corporations to sell data. However, what if you could control whether your data is used? What if you could decide how your data is used? Interesting as it may sound, but that is what Casagram promises. At Casagram, your data is protected.

Casagram Team

Behind the operations of Casagram is a strong team, which ensures that everything works well. The following are its top 3 personnel:

  • Jacob Pischeltsrieder (CEO): Highly skilled and experienced in the financial sector, Jacob is responsible for strategic planning, orientation, and marketing. He has also earned a reputation as a project manager.
  • Michael Fenzel (CFO): Michael is a long-term cryptocurrency fan. With his intercultural skills and experience, he is responsible for the financial tasks of the company.
  • Sven Schreiber: Sven is the lead software engineer

With these professionals and two more, Casagram believes that it will achieve its goals.

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