Cascadia Block

What is Cascadia Block?

This is a hard one to start. The only thing you have to go off on the website is a generic geometric shape, a title and a short paragraph about the company.

How Does Cascadia Block Work?

According to the very limited amount of information they have on the website, Cascadia Block helps companies start an ICO. They claim that with their help, you can make your ICO a reality. They apparently offer services for every phase of an ICO end to end with various consulting and advisory services.

They can apparently also give you a whitepaper review, help with development of your management team and website creation. Along with that, they will help you write a pitch presentation, so you can promote your ICO. Other specialties they offer in road shows, raising capital to fund your project and a few others.

Those others being in the promotion of your ICO, setting up events, marketing, sales and taking care of your community. According to Cascadia Block, they can do it all for you and are the best at what they do. Now, is this true or not? That’s hard to say, it’s more likely doubtful from the look of their website.

Who is Behind Cascadia Block?

There is no telling who is behind this company. When you Google them, nothing comes up really. And like I said, the website holds nothing except the name, logo, paragraph and contact form. It’s very bland, cheap looking and doesn’t spark much of an interest.

And because of that, plus the fact that they don’t disclose any information about the company or who’s behind it, Cascadiablock at this time looks useless. Now, it may be a website under development at the time of this writing and I just happened to get access to it. But I don’t think so, because Google it does bring it up in the searches.

Cascadia Block Conclusion

Cascadia Block is a company that helps other companies with their ICO. Unfortunately, there is no telling who they are or how they do it. You could enter your info into the contact form and see what happens if you’re interested, I won’t though.

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