Cash Poker Pro

Cash Poker Pro is a blockchain-based gambling platform that promises to change the world of poker. Find out how Cash Poker Pro works today in our review.

What Is Cash Poker Pro?

Found online at, Cash Poker Pro is an online poker platform that uses blockchain technology to create a more efficient gambling ecosystem. The developers describe it as “a modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers based on the blockchain technology.” They also claim it’s a platform “that will change the world of poker.”

The Cash Poker Pro ecosystem revolves around the use of CASH tokens. The Cash Poker Pro presale and ICO are taking place throughout August and September. You can purchase CASH tokens using BTC, ETC, or fiat money.

How Does Cash Poker Pro Work?

Cash Poker Pro allows users to setup their own poker rooms using CASH tokens.

The user buys a Cash Poker Pro poker room token (CASH) issued on the Ethereum blockchain. CASH tokens will be available through internal exchanges integrated into the digital wallet. You can also purchase tokens using BTC, ETH, WAVES, and other cryptocurrencies as well as USD, EUR, and RUR.

As a CASH token holder, you can play against the casino or other players. You have the opportunity to instantly withdraw your tokens from the system and exchange them for other types of cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

A Cash Poker Pro poker room will earn an average of 1% to 5% deposit turnover through commissions. Earnings are distributed among CASH token holders, minus operating expenses.

The poker system itself will generate provably fair random numbers through Ethereum smart contracts. Random numbers are generated using a combination of input data from several sources. The set of contracts in charge of this process will receive a combination of data from a jury pool.

Cash Poker Pro Features

Here are all of the proposed features included with Cash Poker Pro:

  • Cryptocurrency-Based: Cash Poker Pro uses CASH tokens as a currency to participate in the economy. These tokens are based on the blockchain and can be exchanged for BTC, ETC, or fiat money.
  • Smart Contracts: You’re the only person who has access to your CASH wallet. Smart contracts guarantee that your winnings will be deposited to your wallet after each poker game. You don’t need to make deposits to the poker room account.
  • Anonymity: You don’t need to prove your identity to play in Cash Poker Pro. It’s an anonymous platform with no identity verification required.
  • Multi Platform Support: Cash Poker Pro plans to integrate its poker platform onto multiple devices. It also plans to integrate it into messengers like Telegram and Facebook Messenger.
  • Community Network: Any user can create a set of poker tables within the system then make a profit. Cash Poker Pro also has referral tools to attract new players to your poker tables.
  • Fair Play: The use of blockchain technology makes it possible to verify that the platform works currently, and that the casino isn’t influencing the course of play. It’s a provably fair platform.

So what makes Cash Poker Pro different from the thousands of other cryptocurrency casinos on the market today? One of the biggest differences is that the architecture of Cash Poker Pro’s random number generator is partly based on the blockchain to ensure users know their cards are being dealt in an honest way. The platform also plans to be one of the first online casinos to integrate their platform into messengers.

Who’s Behind Cash Poker Pro?

Cash Poker Pro is being developed by a company named Tavaron Media. That company has already launched several successful gambling products for online and offline use. Those products include Cash Poker Pro, Rush Bingo, Golden Dragon, and more. The whitepaper claims that 50+ casinos in Russia and Kazakhstan successfully use the company’s products.

The first step of Cash Poker Pro is to create a multilevel system of online poker rooms. Then, they’ll create a decentralized system to monitor the operation of the random number generator. And finally, that system will be integrated into the Cash Poker Pro game.

Cash Poker Pro is currently available offline at casinos in Russia and Kazakhstan. The game has been available since 2015. This latest project, however, aims to bring Cash Poker Pro online with the assistance of the blockchain.

Key members of Tavaron Media include CEO Danila Prozorov and COO Yaroslav Dementev. The company is based in Moscow.

The Cash Poker Pro Token Sale

CASH tokens will lie at the center of the Cash Poker Pro ecosystem. A total of 100 million CASH tokens will be issued. 10 million tokens are reserved for the Cash Poker Pro Foundation. 10 million will be used to pay early investors. And 12 million tokens will be reserved for the team and partners. The remainder will be sold during the token sale.

The ICO presale is scheduled for August 26, 2017 at 18:00 UTC. During this phase, 8 million CASH tokens will be sold at a rate of 1 CASH = 0.05 USD. The second stage of the ICO will begin on October 26, during which 60 million CASH tokens will be sold.

Cash Poker Pro Conclusion

Cash Poker Pro is an online poker platform being developed by a Russian gambling game developer. That developer, Tavaron Media, has previously created games that are played in 50+ casinos across Russia and Kazakhstan. They launched Cash Poker Pro in 2015 in offline casinos. Now, they’re seeking to bring that experience online using the Ethereum blockchain.

You can learn more about Cash Poker Pro by visiting the company online today at

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