Cashaa, found online at, is aiming to build the biggest payment platform on the planet. Find out how Cashaa plans to do that today in our review.

What Is Cashaa?

Cashaa aims to provide financial products for banked and unbanked individuals around the world. Cashaa consists of digital and transparent financial services built on blockchain technology. It’s like a traditional bank – just built on blockchain technology with digital currencies and global services in mind.

Like other blockchain-based financial institutions, Cashaa plans to differentiate itself from traditional banks by providing low-cost currency exchanges around the world, easy access to digital currencies, better foreign exchange rates, and lower fees due to reduced overhead costs.

Cashaa also has an investment feature where investors can participate in the economy in a decentralized way. Cashaa claims that investors can transfer their money across borders, “allowing opportunistic portfolio diversification with higher yields.”

Cashaa also plans to offer debit cards that will make your digital coins as liquid as cash. Cashaa offers the CASNext Wallet and CASNext Cards.

How Does Cashaa Work?

Cashaa is built on top of a blockchain called Auxledger. Auxledger is an enterprise-grade blockchain focused on security, performance, and scalability.

The Cashaa platform has already been beta tested around the world. The company claims to have 12,000+ registered users in 141 countries around the world, and the platform currently supports about 100 currencies.

Auxledger uses Interplanetary File Storage (IPFS) to distribute files across the network in a decentralized way. Auxledger is currently seeking new partnerships with enterprise users – including corporations and government users. Auxledger specifically mentions government uses like for land registries, electronic health records, benefit distribution programs, and more.

Cashaa Features

Here are some of the features that distinguish Cashaa from traditional banks and from other blockchain-based financial institutions:

Targeted Towards the Banked and Unbanked

Some blockchain-based financial institutions target customers who are already using banking services. Others target “unbanked” populations who lack traditional identification or cannot access banking infrastructure for other reasons. Cashaa, however, targets both of these groups of users. The official website states that 2.5 billion people worldwide are unbanked, while a further 1 billion are underbanked. Cashaa aims to create a platform “which can serve the entire population.”

Low-Cost Currency Exchanges

One of the most obvious benefits of cryptocurrency is that it’s easy to transfer worldwide with minimal exchange rate costs. Cashaa’s platform is powered by forex trading technology, which means users enjoy lower foreign exchange rates than they would get from traditional banking providers.

Investments In A Global Economy

Cashaa allows investors to participate in a global economy. Cashaa’s members can invest in a diversified portfolio across international borders. You can pick whichever digital token you like and transact in a seamless, low-cost way.

Open API

Cashaa encourages developers to create next-generation DApps on the Cashaa platform to solve financial challenges. Cashaa has an SDK and Open API with integrated biometric and artificial intelligence services to accelerate growth on the platform.

Spend Anywhere With Your Wallet Or Cards

Cashaa will have a CASNext Wallet and cards that make your coins as liquid as cash. Like other cryptocurrency financial institutions, this allows you to spend your cryptocurrencies anywhere VISA or MasterCard are accepted. The mobile wallet, meanwhile, is a multi-currency wallet that allows users to get instant balance updates, make transactions, or setup intelligent notifications.

Who’s Behind Cashaa?

Cashaa was launched on January 18, 2017 after months of testing. During the platform’s beta testing, the platform attracted 12,000+ users who transferred over $2.5 million USD.

The company is based in London. Key members of the team include Founder and CEO Kumar Gaurav, Co-Founder and Chairman Celestine Vettical, Chief Payments Officer Dominic Melo, Chief Investment Officer Francesco Zorgno, Co-Founder and CFO Felice N. Covelli, and Co-Founder and VP Marketing Janina Lowisz.

The CAS Token Sale

The CAS token sale is listed as “coming soon” on the official website.

No further details about the token sale or Cashaa ICO have been announced so far.

Cashaa Conclusion

Cashaa is a blockchain-based financial institution built on enterprise-grade technology (specifically, the Auxledger blockchain). Cashaa aims to create a banking platform that’s accessible to the entire population of the world – including the unbanked and banked.

To learn more about Cashaa, or to stay updated on the ICO, visit today.

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  1. Well for such a hyped tech company they need to figure out how to fix their verification link in their site. To verify your phone you click the verify button and and field pops up to enter the code. Your phone then gets a text with the code and you enter it, and nothing happens. A few minutes later you get a phone call with an automated voice saying the same code. but if you click verify again to enter it, not only does it not verify, it starts another round of codes. If you do nothing a third phone call comes in but with a different code, again the code doesn’t work. No tactic such as waiting for the phone code, entering the text code, or waiting for the third call with the different code works. I;m still not verified. To make matter worse, only after you have initiated your purchase of the tokens and closed the sale does a screen pop up announcing that you cannot use a wall that you don’t have a master key to. Ans to make matter worse they show you a bunch of wallets that aren’t OK during the purchase process that are open to click on leading some to choose the wrong wallets that will not receive the tokens. Why would they play clickable links to wallets your not supposed to use in the heat of paying for the tokens and then tell what you should have used after the transaction is over and unchangeable. YES that’s right, if you choose the wrong wallet, which you are clearly set up to do, you cannot change it on your dashboard. I contacted Kumar directly, and all he had to say is that the codes are only for 5 minutes (KNEW THAT) and that the list of wallets during purchase are the ones you aren’t supposed to use. He mad no extension to fix it and handled the whole ripping off of my money indifferently. I sincerely doubt that these guys even have a beta ready to go. And if they do, it’s just going to be a scam I think. I’ll give him a chance to fix the problems, I have sent him an email. There needs to be an international law condemning overseas criminals and thieves to life imprisonment or beheading.

    • Hello Paul,

      I have experienced same issue but now my account has verified (tier 1). Do you think, Cashaa will trade with good rates in coming days?

      Please share your fair opinion.



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