This is a platform where investors issue microloans to individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The yield to these investments is lucrative, often reaching a maximum of 600% per year. Besides the enormous interest margins, users are also privy to several bonuses and an opportunity to trade in the firm’s shares as means of earning additional income.

The primary goal of Cashbery is to create a platform that brings together investors and borrowers from all over the world and thus facilitate interaction amongst them. Moreover, the company aims to mitigate the cost of profitable investment so that it becomes universally accessible, regardless of an individual’s social status.

How Does Cashbery Work?

Recently, investors have demonstrated growing interest in direct investor-borrower crediting. Purportedly, this form of equity investment the most profitable and safest. This is perhaps the primary reason behind the rapid growth of this investment segment.

Below are some of the means through which Cashbery works.

  1. Investors issue microloans and term loans to individual as well as SMEs with an annual yield amounting to 600%.
  2. Credit SMEs and finance collateralized with an assured yield of 265% per year.
  3. Trade shares of the company in stock exchanges, with a potential return of 1,000% per year.

The Cashbery Platform

This ecosystem comprises of investors, borrowers and partners.


Fundamentally, these are the financiers of the Cashbery platform. The funds they invest are made accessible to individuals and SMEs as loans. Moreover, the investments can also be used in the collateralizing both fixed and mobile assets. In return, the investors choose an investment plan depending on the amount they wish to invest. After the expiry of the investment period, they earn profits as well as their initial investment. Usually, the investment tariffs last up to a maximum of 400 days.


Currently, this service is exclusively available to residents of Russia.


A sizeable chunk of Cashbery’s budget is allocated to its partners who are either members of the multilevel referral program or representatives.

Platform Operation Basics

  • Risk Management: here, Cashbery issue compensations for losses resulting from overdue loans, control of insurance guarantee and collateralized property guarantee fund.
  • Control of Financial regulations: Cashbery oversees the disbursement of loans, adherence to loan repayment terms and banking of the loan repayments.
  • Selection of quality borrowers: before issuing a loan, Cashbery conducts a thorough background check to ascertain the credibility of the institutions, especially by analyzing their credit history.

Advantages Of Cashbery

  1. Lucrative affiliate programs – through the multilevel referral program, users can earn extra income by inviting their friends to join the Cashbery program.
  2. Compatibility with popular payment systems – Cashbery works seamlessly with leading electronic payment platforms as well as leading Russian banks.
  3. The platform takes care of everything concerning borrowers, with investors passively earning respectable profits.
  4. Real time processing loans.
  5. The personal account supports multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies.
  6. A wide range of investment plans available for investors.
  7. Leadership team boats of several years of experience in the investments sector.
  8. Investments are backed by formal contracts.

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  1. Unfortunately there seems to be no way U.S. Citizens can invest, you are immediately blocked when it registers a western ISP address…


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