An investor should always be informed about the changes in the market. The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry are some of the fastest growing industries recently. Because of this, they change a lot all the time.

If you want to be prepared to invest well, you have to follow this changes as quickly as they appear. To help our readers, today we are going to review the new CasinoCoin that is going to go through a Coin Swap soon.

What Is the New CasinoCoin?

This new currency will be the new form of the CasinoCoin. CasinoCoin was a cryptocurrency developed to be used mainly in online gambling. This cryptocurrency was very successful at that and it consolidated itself in the market so much that they are going through a Coin Swap soon to improve the capabilities of their tokens.

A Coin Swap is the process of changing an old currency for the new one and it has to be done when you change the technology behind some cryptocurrency. In the case of CasinoCoin, it worked using a Litecoin-based blockchain and it is going to use a Ripple-based blockchain now to improve their network.

How Will the New CasinoCoin Work?

Just like the old one, mostly. You will still be able to use CasinoCoin for the exact same activities you used in the past, but some features of the currency will be upgraded. For instance, the technology will offer more liquidity to the CasinoCoin, increased coin supply, faster transactions and more developed technology to make it safer.

The new CasinoCoin will be the new CSC token and the old one for the people that did not want to change their coin will transform into CasinoCoin Classic (CCC). With this move, the old users that choose not to exchange will still be able to use their old currency without problems.

How to Invest in the New CasinoCoin?

If you have CSC tokens, you will be able to exchange them between November 25 and February 14. After the coin swap, they will still be CSC, but if you don’t change them, they will become CCC and very likely will lose their value.

So all you have to do is be aware that the coin swap is starting soon and you will be able to exchange them easily. The process of exchange will be made with full transparency and security.

If you want to invest in CasinoCoin, now is a very good time, as the coin will probably increase in value soon after they start using the new technology.

The New CasinoCoin Verdict

You should probably change your CasinoCoins. It’s almost certain that the CCC tokens will not be as valuable as the new CSC ones, so you will lose money if you don’t exchange them.

Will this change in the blockchain technology used by CasinoCoin be a good idea? Probably, yes. The company could use more liquidity, especially now that their cryptocurrency is much more valuable than before and has plenty of space to grow.

Exchange your CasinoCoins without fear and be confident that the company is probably doing the right choice.

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