Caspian, found online at, is a full stack crypto asset management solution. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Caspian?

Caspian aims to offer institutionalized crypto asset management, including a fully developed OEMS, PMS, and RMS. Using the platform, traders can interface with multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously. Caspian also has a complete suite of trading algorithms, real-time and historical profit and loss traders, exposure tracking, and 24/7 customer service.

Caspian is a joint venture between Tora, an asset management platform provider, and Kenetic, a blockchain technology and consulting company.

Together, these two will create a platform that makes it easy for institutional investors to participate in cryptocurrency markets. Caspian will allow investors to interact with multiple exchanges for maximum liquidity. Investors can also access portfolio management services, risk management systems, and more.

How Does Caspian Work?

Caspian works as the intermediary between stakeholders (including institutional investors and fund administrators) and exchanges (including major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, GDAX, and Bitfinex).

Caspian processes orders from investors, then relays orders to exchanges. Caspian adds value to the transaction through its order and execution management (OEMS), portfolio management services (PMS), and risk management system (RMS).

Some of the core functions of the platform include:

  • Unified trading interface across exchanges
  • Customizable market data
  • Fast order execution and amending
  • Order shortcut management
  • Parent and child order slicing
  • Suite of sophisticated customizable trading algorithms
  • Pre-trade compliance
  • Full audit and reconciled book of records
  • Fully customizable with indicators and breakdowns
  • Real-time monitoring of positions across exchanges and wallets
  • Real-time and historical profit and loss (P&L), exposure, and performance attribution
  • Ability for third-party developers to build on top of the Caspian platform

The end result is that Caspian creates an ecosystem that provides connectivity and interoperability across different trading platforms for institutional crypto investors. Institutional investors can access these markets seamlessly through a single, convenient UI.

Caspian Tora & Kenetic's Full Stack Crypto Asset Mgmt Features

Caspian’s features include all of the following:

Single Interface:

Caspian has a single interface from which investors can manage their entire portfolio and trading experience in a standardized way.


Caspian has an experienced team of blockchain developers “ensuring robust crypto-asset security protocols,” explains the official website.

Client Support:

Caspian has proven global customer support infrastructure with a dedicated market data support team available 24/7.

Analytics And Reporting:

Real-time and historical P&L and exposure tracking is available through the built-in analytics and reporting system, along with a comprehensive reporting package for all stakeholders.


Caspian is backed by a 14+ year track record.

Full Trading Stack:

Caspian has a full trading stack of tools, including portfolio management, order execution, a risk management system, and compliance monitoring as well as counterparty risk checks and token restriction lists.

Who’s Behind Caspian?

Caspian is a join venture created by Tora, a global order and execution management (OEMS) platform and Kenetic (a blockchain technology company). Tora provides equities and derivatives trading with an average monthly notional equity volume over $100 billion USD. Tora also handles 17% of all Japanese institutional equity trading volume through its system while connecting to 150+ exchanges with clients in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Kenetic, meanwhile, is a blockchain technology and consulting company that has worked with projects like Simple Token, Bluzelle, and GBX.

Listed members of the Caspian team include Michael Lerch (Chairman), Robert Dykes (CEO and Co-Founder), David Wills (COO and Co-Founder), Gerrit van Wingerden (CTO and Co-Founder), Paul Catuna (CFO) and Jehan Chu (Chief Strategy Officer).

The team is based worldwide, with locations in Sydney, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Jersey (UK), Cluj (Romania), Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The project was announced on March 19, 2018.

Caspian Conclusion

Caspian is an institutional-grade trading platform created as a joint venture between Toro and Kenetic. The goal of the platform is to give institutional investors access to advanced crypto asset management systems.

To learn more about Caspian and how it works, visit online today at The venture was announced on March 19, 2018 – so it’s still in the early stages of rolling out.

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