Litecoin (LTC) Creator Charlie Lee to Appear on CNBC Fast Money to Talk Exchange Hacks & Crypto Prices

The founder of Litecoin (LTC) Charlie Lee was interviewed today by CNBC's Fast Money on June 20 about the state of the bitcoin industry and how the cryptocurrency market space is been behaving.

Here is the video of Lee's comments:

Melissa started off by asking about the bitcoin's price lately, then talked about the exchange hacks in relation to it and Lee responded by saying it does not change the fundamentals of bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. He then compared similar scenarios with banks and gold.

They then proceeded to talk about security of exchanges and Lee related to how early we are in the timeline of the industry despite getting started in 2009. He talked about the ‘mental shift' users need to get through.

Then Brian Kelly wanted to ask what he thought the biggest bitcoin catalyst would be and Charlie brought up Lightning Network –  a sidechain payment channel setup – which will layer on top of bitcoin's blockchain in which most bitcoin cash (BCH) users will say centralizes BTC's blockchain.

They then talked about the Bitcoin bubbles of 2013, 2014 and this year. They then brought up the big news about the Tether USDT audit which was allegedly shown to be fully-backed by the USD they are supposed to be pegged to.

What did you think of Charlie's five minute appearance on Fast Money?

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