Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology


CarTaxi – Operating Car Towing Blockchain Platform CTX ICO Tokens?

CarTaxi is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum. The platform brings together tow trucks into an online network for faster, safer vehicle transportation. Here’s...

Lampix – Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality PIX ICO Tokens?

Lampix is a high-tech device that promises to transform any surface into a smart surface. Find out how Lampix works today in our review. What...

TokenStub – Low-Cost Event Ticket Marketplace Blockchain STUB ICO?

TokenStub is a decentralized event ticketing marketplace built on the blockchain. Find out how it works today in our TokenStub review. What Is TokenStub? TokenStub, found...

WePower Review – Green Energy Exchange Blockchain Network WPR ICO?

WePower, found online at, is a green energy exchange platform currently preparing to launch. Find out more about WePower today in our review. What...

Neutrino – P-Flow Bitcoin Network Blockchain Cybersecurity Tracking?

Neutrino is a cybersecurity lab that recently launched its first project, P-Flow, which collects information about the world of bitcoin. Here’s our Neutrino review. What...
Coco Blockchain

Coco Blockchain – Microsoft Ethereum-Based Enterprise Network?

About Coco Blockchain Microsoft just announced an innovative blockchain technology designed to work with any ledger or operating system. It’s called CoCo, and it’s designed...

Rockchain – Distributed Data Intelligence Platform ETH Blockchain?

Rockchain is a distributed data intelligence platform connected to local data stores. Find out how it works today in our Rockchain review. What Is Rockchain? Rockchain,...

DisLedger – DCL ICO Micropayment Distributed Concurrence Ledger?

DisLedger provides distributed ledgers for capital markets and IoT micropayments. Find out what that means today in our DisLedger review. What Is DisLedger? DisLedger, found online...
Working Traveller

Working Traveller – Search Volunteer & Paid Work ETH Blockchain?

Working Traveller describes itself as “the gap year game changer” that’s “shaking up the work and travel industry”. Now, they’re having their initial coin...

ATMChain – Smart Media Advertising Blockchain Network ICO?

ATMChain is a new blockchain technology introduced in August 2017. Find out how ATMChain plans to change the industry today in our review. What Is...

Latest Articles


Paragon Coin ICO – PRG Blockchain For Marijuana/Cannabis Tokens?

Paragon is a company that is introducing an all new distributed ledger system for the marijuana industry and supply chain by adding blockchain network...

Magos – Neural Network Oracle For Predicting Events MAG ICO?

In the simplest explanation, Magos is a forecasting model that makes use of AI and neural networks combined with investment pools. The goal is...

Akashic 3 – Bitcoin Producing Platform Allows You To Earn BTC?

Akashic3 is some type of bitcoin Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme based on the magical power of the Akashic record. Find out how this...

Obtanix – Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Mining & Trading Exchange?

Obtanix describes itself as the first cryptocurrency backed by real gold. Find out how Obtanix works today in our review. What Is Obtanix? Obtanix is a...
God Gift Matrix

God Gift Matrix – Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Donation Network Worth It?

Want to earn free bitcoin online with no effort, skill, or experience required? Of course you do. That’s why God Gift Matrix wants to...

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