Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology


SummarizeBot: Automatic AI And Blockchain Summarization App?

What Is SummarizeBot? SummarizeBot is an AI and blockchain powered chatbot that analyzes links, documents, images, audio, weblink or multimedia file, and extracts the main ideas...

Bitski: Build Blockchain Applications For DLT Developers?

What Is Bitski? Bitski is a hosted wallet SDK that is built for apps using the blockchain. Bitski allows users to build user-friendly as well as...
Pirl Blockchain Platform

Pirl Blockchain Platform: Crypto Community With Ethash Masternode?

What Is Pirl? PIRL is a community project based on the Ethereum Blockchain that has developed the world’s first Ethash Based Masternode for the blockchain ecosystem....

HiveTerminal: Peer To Peer Blockchain Invoice Financing Platform?

What Is HiveTerminal? HiveTerminal is a blockchain based invoice-financing platform that provides users with peer-to-peer invoice financing that enables them unlock their working capital instantly. The...

DappGram: Blockchain Social Media Network App For Crypto Investors?

What Is DappGram? DappGram is a Telegram-like application used in the blockchain field. The social network easily connects people to the world of blockchain, thus providing...
Ruden Blockchain

Ruden Blockchain: Legit Real Estate Cryptocurrency Project?

What Is Ruden Blockchain? Ruden Blockchain is one of the world’s first platforms to truly embrace blockchain technology in order to enable users to purchase real...

Flubit: Amazon Rival Now Accepts Top Cryptocurrencies For Payments

What Is Flubit? FLUBIT is the largest UK independent marketplace, which contains millions of everyday items that are available to sell and buy from categories like...

YouHodler: Safe Crypto As Collateral Loans On The Blockchain?

What Is YouHodler? YouHodler is a financial service that operates on the blockchain. The crypto-backed loan service enables users to acquire instant loans. The platform offers...

Safeblocks: Decentralized Application Firewall (DAF) For Smart Contracts?

What Is Safeblocks? SafeBlocks is the world’s first firewall designed for ICOs, DEXs, and other financial Dapps. SafeBlocks is a Decentralized Application Firewall (DAF) that acts...

Nagezeni (NZE): Cryptocurrency For Social Content Rewards?

What Is Nagezeni? Nagezeni is a unique cryptocurrency that enables the secure, instant, scalable, and user-friendly transfer of value from on user to another in order...

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Bitcoin Looks Good Short-Term, BTC Really Ugly Long-Term Though

Introduction Based on the price action that can be seen for the price of Bitcoin, it appears as though the price action will continue over...
Bitcoin FAQ

Bitcoin FAQ – Most Asked Questions About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

By now we all know the huge impact that Bitcoins have generated in the currency marketing world. Some of you might be a bit...

Trezor vs Ledger Wallet vs KeepKey: Top 3 Crypto Hardware Wallets...

Best Three Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets Reviewed When the concept of hardware crypto wallets first emerged, it was the Trezor that defined crypto wallet devices. Since...

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