Crypto YouTuber Launches Own Bitcoin Funded TV Series on CBS

An important cryptocurrency youtuber, Jason Appleton, announced that he will be launching his own TV series, which will be paid in bitcoin. The program will be broadcasted on CBS, the CW, and Roku. The 13 episodes will be related to crypto security, virtual currencies, digital assets, trading, initial coin offerings (ICOs), mining news, and more.

From Youtuber to TV Crypto Star

Mr. Appleton, who is also a crypto investor, announced that he will be working with CBC Corporation – one of the three major traditional commercial broadcast TV networks in the US – to present its own TV show.

The announcement reads as follows:

“This will be the first time a cryptocurrency Youtuber has launched their own television series fully paid for by bitcoin. All promotional sponsors, features and the like are paid by bitcoin.”

Appleton has a YouTube channel known as Crypto Crow and he has around 73,000 followers on the famous video platform. He started to upload videos back in November 2017, and has made ICO reviews, has given investments tips, and informed about the most important news in the crypto ecosystem.

The first season will start on June the 25th on the CBS New York WLNY network reaching 7.3 million homes. Additionally, the 13 episodes planned will be about ICOs, trading bots, crypto cycles and crashes, and other crypto-related content.

“Each episode will feature educational information focused on helping newcomers to the crypto space such as researching, investing and how to stay secure in their efforts while featuring ICO and cryptocurrency companies and how they affect the industry.”

Here is a list of the Crypto Crow Show TV schedule and topics:

  • Episode 1: What Are Cryptocurrencies?
  • Episode 2: Crypto Security
  • Episode 3: Exchange Trading
  • Episode 4: Initial Coin Offerings
  • Episode 5: Bot Trading For Profits
  • Episode 6: 1st Gen vs 2nd, 3rd
  • Episode 7: Swing Trading
  • Episode 8: Crypto Cycles/Crashes
  • Episode 9: Crypto Mining Vs. Investing
  • Episode 10: Crypto Predictions
  • Episode 11: Passion To Profit
  • Episode 12: The Future Of Cryptocurrency
  • Episode 13: A New World Of Crypto

As virtual currencies gain popularity, TV shows and other series decided to feature them in some of their chapters. For example, Designated Survivor – a Netflix sponsored TV show – talked about bitcoin and mining activities in one of its episodes.

Additionally, CNBC and similar channels invite important figures from the crypto-space to participate on their programs.

When asked if it would air on more than one CBS station, Jason replied:



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