Composite Cylinders Advanced

In the past, enterprises have raised funds through Initial Public Offerings (IPO) where a company trades its shares with the public to raise capital. With the advent of the technology, however, advanced ways of raising funds for business projects have come up. Nowadays, many companies are raising project capital through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

ICO is a process whereby a business promotes a project to raise funds by selling tokens – digital assets such as Cryptocurrencies. These tokens are based on blockchain technology – a technology that allows decentralized direct transactions from one person to another. Tokens are valued in form of Cryptocurrencies such the Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. At first, the tokens are sold at lower prices. However, with time their value increase just like with digital currencies and investors can then take advantage to sell them for revenue generation.

The first ICO was launched in 2014 by Ethereal and has since raised 18 million. Many others have followed since then and have been successful. According to recent statistics, a total of more than $1,716,000,000 have been pledged in ICOs. More and more companies are undertaking ICOs and have raised staggering amounts including Banker and CrowdWiz in Nov 2017 who managed approximately $25,000,000 and $5,370,000 in pledges respectively.

All this just tells you that ICOs are one of the best ways to raise project funds for a business, and a way for potential investors to make profits.

What Is CCA Composite Cylinders Advanced?

Composite Cylinders Advanced is a project with an aim to combine advanced technologies in finance and blockchain to develop type 4 Cylinders for the market. Type 4 Cylinders are lightweight, cheap, corrosion free and do not shatter which makes them high demand products.

Composite Cylinders Advanced CCA ICO Details

Composite Cylinders Advanced has recently launched an ICO to raise funds for the manufacture, production, and launch of high-tech composite type 4 cylinders. The first stage is fundraising, followed by production and ultimately a buyback for profits.

The fundraising is divided into a token presale and the main token sale. Token presale is currently happening and is set to end on March 15 this year. After cylinder production, token sales will be converted into shares to generate revenue for project investors. The company plans to sell the manufactured cylinders to customers and transfer 30 percent profits for the buyback of tokens per month. Raised funds for the presale are currently at $500,000.

Should I Buy CCA Tokens?

As an investor, this is one of the ICOs out there that you need to take advantage of. First of all, the tokens are at the presale stage. The significance – you will purchase the CCA tokens at the lowest of the price. As such, when their value increases, you will obtain high returns.

Additionally, type 4 cylinders have a high demand in the market. What this means is that they will be purchased fast which will quickly increase token value. So, there you go – increased token value, increased profits for investors. Tokens will be exchanged for Ether, a cryptocurrency and investors can, in turn, exchange them for fiat currency. What more, project participants will be given a chance to exchange their tokens with CCA shares.

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