CCBM claims to be a one of a kind opportunity that helps you get rich quick through cryptocurrencies. Read our review to find out if CCBM Cryptocurrency Bank MLM is legit – or if it’s another pyramid scheme-style scam.

What is the CCBM Cryptocurrency Bank MLM?

The Cryptocurrency Bank MLM, also known as CCBM or CCBMLM, is a multilevel marketing company that claims to help members get rich through the power of cryptocurrency trading.

The network also claims to be free to join and offers “unlimited earnings potential”. The website makes frequent mentions about financial freedom and how you can become wealthy just by signing up for the free account.

The core service of the bank appears to be making it easy for people to buy bitcoins. You can use CCBM Cryptocurrency Bank MLM to buy bitcoins using credit cards. In reality, however, there isn’t really a product or service being sold here: the only “product” is new memberships. You sign up for the company, then start to recruit people underneath you.

At the time of writing, CCBMLM is in the pre-launch phase. That phase is scheduled to last from July 17 to September 19, 2017. The company is advertising itself to people who want to get in on the “ground floor” of the opportunity.

CCBMLM Features

CCBMLM advertises all of the following features:

Multiple Cryptocurrency Global Virtual Bank: CCBMLM claims that its goal is “to be the largest cryptocurrency global bank in the world”.

Generous Referral Rewards: You can get paid “up to $100 in CCBM cryptocurrency” on every registration – even free accounts, if they’re active.

Gain Access to ICOs: CCBMLM claims to give you a “first movers advantage” on upcoming cryptocurrency opportunities.

Free Cryptocurrency Educational Courses: Keeps you up-to-date on all cryptocurrency opportunities in the marketplace.

CCBM Cryptocurrency: CCBMLM uses something called the CCBM cryptocurrency to power its ecosystem. It’s unclear if this is a blockchain-based currency, or just an arbitrary digital token. However, CCBMLM hands out these tokens like candy: you get CCBM tokens for registering, you get CCBM tokens for referring new people to the platform, and you can earn over 4 million CCBM tokens by taking advantage of the 2×20 CCBM matrix.

How Can You Get Rich with CCBMLM?

CCBMLM frequently talks about how you’re going to get rich and achieve financial freedom simply by signing up today.

In reality, there are no products or services sold through CCBMLM – at least, as far as we could tell. The only “product” is a new membership. You make money by referring new members to the platform.

After signing up for the Cryptocurrency Bank MLM, you’ll receive a unique URL. Your goal is to spam that URL across the internet to convince people to sign up for the platform. You repeat this process over and over again. You earn money – in the form of CCBM tokens – for every signup you refer.

It’s unclear if the CCBM tokens have any real world value. It doesn’t appear that they can be used for any products or services, and they’re not listed on any exchanges.


CCBMLM is based at the following address in Hong Kong:

International Commerce Centre

1 Austin Road West

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Aside from that address, there’s no information about CCBM Cryptocurrency Bank MLM available online. All we really know is that the domain was registered on June 11, 2017, which makes it a relatively new website and company.

The company claims to receive about 150,000 views every day while also paying out over $4.1 million USD to clients. Both of these stats seem very hard to believe based on the fact that CCBMLM is a month old – not to mention the other red flags surrounding the platform.

CCBM Cryptocurrency Bank MLM Conclusion

Like many other multilevel marketing companies, CCBM Cryptocurrency Bank MLM makes enormous promises about the amount of money you can expect to make. In reality, there’s no evidence that you can really earn “financial freedom” by signing up for Cryptocurrency Bank MLM (CCBMLM).

In fact, there’s no evidence that this isn’t a scam. CCBMLM has already been caught making up fraudulent view counts and payouts on the official website (the company estimates that it has paid out over $4.1 million to users, with no evidence supporting its claim; and, the website claims to have 150,000 daily visitors on its website, when website ranking services like Alexa tell a different story).

Ultimately, when someone tells you that you can become rich just by signing up for a free account, that’s a big red flag. CCBMLM doesn’t appear to sell any products or services: it just appears to sell memberships. You sign up, then convince other people to sign up beneath you. There are no products or services being sold here – which is why CCBMLM appears to be more of a pyramid scheme than a legitimate business opportunity.

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  1. We wish to apply as Global Bitcoins Networks Systems Investors in collaboration with the Crypto Currency Bank MLM

  2. Anyone is more than welcome to join but you need a referral link to do so.

    This is not a scam and there is zero risk.

  3. When I tried to login to my account I saw this message:
    “We are sorry, but your access to your CCBM Account has been permanently terminated and the account has been posted for sale to the highest bidder.”
    I guess it happened after I reached the minimum payout.
    Beware of this scam

  4. same sh*** here with this site it’s an all out sucker on a rope scam. someone had a few thousand bucks to shell out on a scam site grabbing signups left and right and forcing to pay to the program before you can be paid your sign up bonus is a sure sign that there is no money to pay you as you cannot be paid if you don’t pay so what’s sense does that makes?


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