CCG Mining

Since the boom of cryptocurrencies, mining has become one of the most lucrative segments of the industry that you can venture into and make some good money. But this calls for having the right service to provide your needs in making the most out of the growing industry. One of those service providers out there is CCG Mining, but are they an option to give a try? Well, read our honest review to the very end to find out.

What Is CCG Mining?

This company started in 2016, as the cryptocurrencies hit the market. It has grown over the years, and currently basis all its operations on the principle of making everything blockchain easy for their customers. CCG mining has two large mining Data Centers for mining of Bitcoins and altcoins.

The company claims to offer lower energy consumption while increasing the mining rigs’ hashing power. Another thing CCG boasts of is its widening number of clients, with up to 10,000 of the private clients and 135 business clients so far. It has offices in up to 6 countries, supports five languages, and is poised on building the highest computing hashing power across Europe.

CCG Mining Cryptocurrency Mining Services

The company has a product that is dedicated to clients using B2B and B2C to meet their needs despite the complicated assembling process and running of mining servers. This goes a long way to helping anyone make the most of the blockchain technology in meeting individual needs.

Affiliate Program

CCG also offers an affiliate program that comes without conditions, just registering and participating. Allegedly, this program offers attractive and timely payouts of up to 6% with instant payments using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Contract Type

The other thing that CCG offers is a variety of contracts, including mining rigs where the company can match optimal solutions for the client. The others are cloud-mining contracts, which combines ownership for mining rig and cloud mining. And there are VIP packages too for the experienced investors.

How Legit Is CCG Mining?

From all these, it sounds as if this is the real thing out there, right? Well, this company promises to offer a lot of good stuff for its customers and claims to have a wide network of them. But it is still not popular in the market, which shouldn’t be the case considering the two years it has been around and the craze surrounding the cryptocurrency industry. It is thus unsafe to say its completely genuine. We thus do not recommend it, but if you want to check it out, make sure to exercise caution to stay out of harm’s way.

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