CCInt Review

CCInt is a platform that uses natural language processing to analyze sentiment about cryptocurrencies based on recent publications. Its reports will offer a comprehensive view of trends that could impact investments, and will be released both through an app and an API that could be used to program automated trades or generate more detailed reports. The company is also releasing its own cryptocurrency, the CCInt token, which will be required to purchase the software’s reports.

CCIntelligence's Team

CCInt's main development team consists of eight relatively young individuals based in the Netherlands; aside from its community manager, all have either Bachelor or Master of Science degrees. No biographical information is available about the team members, but their job titles seem to suggest that they come from highly technical backgrounds; most are either full stack developers, artificial intelligence and NLP experts, or data scientists.

CCInt has not yet gained an audience on social media, and the project has so far only been discussed by websites that aggregate information about ICOs.

CCIntelligence's Technology

CCInt's primary product will be a quantitative data feed measuring the media's collective sentiment about cryptocurrencies. The system will accept a wide variety of articles and press releases as input, and rate different phrases on a ten-point scale based on both how often they arise and the overall mood of the publication mentioning them, as determined by a natural language processing algorithm. The exact algorithm being used is not disclosed.

The reports that this system produces can be read using either the company's desktop or mobile applications, or accessed through a direct API that can be integrated into custom software. Users can only access the reports by paying for them with the company's internal cryptocurrency, the CCInt token. The pricing model is unique, and accounts for the fact that the reports quickly lose value as their analyses become outdated; users must bid on the reports, and all bidders will receive a copy, but the highest bidders will receive their copy the earliest. Reports are sold for a span of one month after they are completed, and future reports can be bid on up to one month before they take place. It's not clear how often the reports will be generated.

The company's whitepaper states that data will be obtained from “a wide and continuously expanding number of sources in a wide range of languages.” Many different data sources are listed, including major news agencies, trading firms, institutional investors, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company has not yet released any actual products; its technology is still early in its development, and they hope to release a beta version of the feed as a free demonstration in the fourth quarter of 2018. Different components will be released throughout 2019, and a full version is slated for release in the second half of that year.

CCIntelligence's ICO Details

The CCInt token's ICO will take begin on October 1st, 2018. A private pre-sale has apparently already taken place, which the company claims raised over $1 million. In compliance with know-your-customer regulations, participants in the ICO must apply to join the company's whitelist of certified buyers.

CCInt doesn't state precisely how many tokens will be available, but it offers a breakdown of how funds will be allocated. 65% of tokens will be sold to the public, while the development team and partners will keep 23%. 5% of tokens will be distributed as part of a bounty marketing program, and the remaining 7% will be kept as part of a reserve to stimulate the platform as necessary in the future.

The CCInt token runs on the Stellar blockchain network, which is derived from the Ripple protocol. The company doesn't state whether the currency will be available on public exchanges following its ICO, or when tokens will be distributed to their customers.

The Verdict

CCInt offers a very interesting idea that could be very important to cryptocurrency investors. However, it must prove the worth of its system; investors will only be interested if it can provide meaningful insights that translate to wise investment decisions. If CCInt's reports are as valuable as they hope, the project could be a massive success, but at this early stage of development it's too soon to say whether the platform will work as intended or whether the CCInt token will prove itself a strong investment.

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