Crypto based currencies have become highly popular these days. Thus, for businesses and individuals looking towards the future, they should get on board with the current wave of crypto revolution that is currently taking place.

What Is CCore?

In its basic essence, Ccore is a ‘Crypto Payment Platform’ that allows people to spend their crypto currency in various fiat based ‘online services and stores’. What's more interesting is the fact that all transactions can be made without users losing any value on the exchange. When using CCore, owners of online-stores are able to seamlessly accept and send out cryptocurrencies to complete payments (all the while not losing any part of their profit due to variation of cryptocurrency rate).

What Is CCoinToken?

As the name clearly points out, Ccoin tokens can be thought of as a digital currency that makes it possible to make and receive payments for purchases made through online-stores for products or services. The core structure of this service includes:

  1. cExchange: Ccoin acts as a ‘cryptocurrency exchange’ where users can make use of crypto’s such as bitcoins, ethereum etc.
  2. cWallet: it is a multi currency wallet wherein users can store their funds in a safe and secure manner.
  3. cPay: this is a highly private ‘payment system’, that allows individual users, business owners, online merchants to sell products and services against cryptocurrencies. All this can be done in an easy manner by simply integrating cPay on the web site of the online-store.

What Does CCore Actually Help With?

Merchant Dealings:

As mentioned earlier, merchants can make use of this platform by simply integrating an extension of cPay on their own online-store. This increases their possibility of selling products and services against cryptocurrency. However, at this point it should be mentioned that the feature that sets ccore apart is the fact that it secures the ‘possibility for automatically exchanging cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies’.

Consumer Support:

cCore makes the life of its user very easy by allowing for payments for product or services to be done by cryptocurrencies. Unlike other similar apps, cCore allows for consumers to not pay any transaction commission fee. Lastly, the platform does not require consumers to wait for transactions to be confirmed.

CCore ICO Details

The ICO is coming up and is scheduled to start on 09 November 2017 and end on 30 November 2017. In terms of their availability, there are over 60,000 Ccoin tokens for sale. The token exchange rate has been set at 1 ETH = 1000 CCO. Additional details include:

  • Currency accepted: ETH
  • Minimum transaction: 0.1 ETH

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