The environmental challenge of waste mismanagement is a real issue in today’s society. Developments in technology, science, industry, and economics have further increased the amount of waste. The growing waste pollutes the air and the water supply. The current waste management technology buries the domestic and agricultural waste at landfills that render the waste un-reusable.

The Chinese Dragon technology offers a new kind of technology that is licensed by the OXALOR Group. It will convert agricultural and domestic waste into OXYOM fertilizing soil amendment and refuse-derived fuel.

The technology will use CaO or quicklime as an agent to allow for a natural exothermic reaction. The new waste treatment plant will process more than 150,000 tons of waste annually. The plant will transform the waste into reusable fuel and fertilizer for the agricultural sector without generating noise, or air and water pollution.

The group has currently negotiated with the Chinese government and is set to establish 100 plants in the country. Negotiations with the Thai government are also underway.

The Waste Management Process

  • The household and farm waste will be collected by the trucks from the household water treatment plants. The trucks will upload this waste into large vehicles and ensure no waste is left for more than eight hours.
  • The waste is then sent to be sorted where pollutant products such as bulky metals are removed
  • The sorted waste is then put in a homogenized barrel
  • The waste is also mixed with reagents and other sediments and put in barrels to allow the exothermic process to take place.
  • After the homogenization process, the product is sent to the thermal absorber for the reaction to continue and for dehydration to take place.
  • The product is then taken for refinement
  • The crude products are then separated from the residue according to qualities such as weight, size and materials
  • Trammels that are larger than 12 mm are sorted as a stable refusal
  • Objects that are heavy such as metal, glass, button piles and ultra-light products such as plastic film are separated.
  • Heavy objects are also separated according to materials
  • The final product is made up of refined OXYOM amended product that is made up of orefa-no-calcic product.

Pollution Management

  • The organics zone is closed and with quick open doors to prevent air pollution
  • The waste reception is on the same level as other preparation equipment. The ground is coated with resin, and there is an inclination delivering the liquid into the main gutter and the processing tank. This prevents pollution from the liquid waste.
  • All the processes are noise free and meet the required recommendations and standards ensuring there is no noise pollution.
  • The treatment process takes three hours which is much quicker compared to other waste management processes

The CDG ICO Token

The CDG ICO token presale is underway having started on 16th February 2018. The public sale will be on 15th March 2018. The ICO is meant to enable the firm to establish plants in China. The firm hopes the ICO of the CDG tokens will raise $120 million for the project.

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