Cederis Ceder ISP ICO Review

Cederis is a decentralized platform that allows you to be your own ISP. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Cederis Ceder?

Cederis, found online at Cederis.io, is a decentralized, collaborative, and disruptive wireless internet service provider (WISP) platform. The goal is to build a platform where you can create your own ISP or WISP, allowing anyone to deploy their own network anywhere in the world.

The ecosystem revolves around an E RC20 token called the Ceder, listed under the symbol ISP. That token can be used for all functions and transactions in the community, including all transactions between nodes (the people that provide internet) and clients (the people willing to pay for internet).

The ICO for Ceder tokens (ISP) begins on January 16, 2018.

How Does Cederis Work?

Cederis Ceder ISP allows anyone to act as a node in the network. Nodes are part of a decentralized network, and that decentralized network is managed 100% by you. With the Cederis API, you have an easy-to-use control panel from which you can control your entire network and clients.

The network uses LTE 5G to provide internet service. Cederis also has built-in tools that make it easy for anyone to launch their own network.

The platform helps users avoid intermediaries and their high costs. Today, intermediaries include traditional ISPs. These ISPs have large bureaucratic costs. Cederis breaks up this system and allows users to access licenses that allow them to act as their own ISPs. In other words, Cederis wants to disrupt today’s ISP ecosystem.

All transactions on the Cederis platform are done with ERC20 tokens called Ceder. These tokens are used for transactions between nodes and clients, as well as for other functions within the community.

Cederis aims to create a collaborative environment where investors and owners of central nodes have the right to vote. The Cederis voting system will be securely built on the blockchain, with each user authenticated by the system. A smart contract will process votes.

Ultimately, Cederis puts ISP tools at a user’s disposal. With Cederis, any person, entrepreneur, or company can create their own ISP using LTE and 5G technologies. Cederis gives users all of the tools they need without having to waste time in bureaucratic tasks – like creating a company or managing licenses. Users don’t need to pay “abusive” royalties, for example.

The platform is scheduled to launch by Q4 2018, with global deployment occurring in 2019. Today, Cederis’s licenses include licenses for North America. In 2019, the company plans to acquire licenses for Europe, Central America, and South America, allowing users to deploy nodes in these regions.

In exchange for using the platform and its licenses, users will pay a 15% fee on all profits earned.

The Cederis Token (ISP) ICO

The Cederis token is called the Ceder, which is listed under the symbol ISP. All Ceder token holders are eligible for dividends based on their participation in the platform. There’s a total supply of 100,00,000 ISP tokens. The tokens are ERC20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cederis is accepting BTC and ETH through the token sale. There’s a minimum contribution of 0.005 BTC and 0.05 ETH. The token sale is scheduled for January 16 to February 18. Bonuses of up 40% are available from January 16 to 28, followed by 20% and 10% bonuses towards the end of the sale.

The price per token is set at a base rate of $0.10 per ISP. Of the total supply of tokens, 100% are being distributed through the token sale. All 100,000,000 tokens are being sold through the ICO.

Meanwhile, in terms of income, 50% of annual benefits of the platform will go to Cederis, 40% to investors, and 10% to token purchasing plans. In other words, holding a Ceder token means you’re eligible to receive a proportional share of 40% of annual profit collected by the platform.

Who’s Behind Cederis Ceder ISP?

Cederis is led by Jorge J Farres (CEO and Founder/Project Manager). He’s a wireless network security expert, a project and network deployment manager, and a blockchain enthusiast.

Cederis Ceder ISP ICO Conclusion

Cederis is a decentralized platform where anyone can act as their own ISP. The platform has collected all the licenses and regulations into a single system, making it easy for anyone to sign up and start their own ISP today. You can provide internet service over 5G, for example. In the future, Cederis wants to offer “FTTH”, or Fiber to the House connections. They also want to expand worldwide in 2019, including all appropriate licenses.

The token sale for Ceder tokens, or ISP, begins on January 16, 2018. To learn more about the platform, visit online today at Cederis.io.

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