This is renowned virtual reality company, responsible for the distribution of a variety of digital assets. Through this platform, developers can monetize their content. This is made easier by the scalability of the system, which allows a a peer-to-peer interaction among members of the network.

Customers can access these services by acquiring the high-end CEEK VR headset. Using this headgear, users enjoy an immersive experience, featuring movies, games, concerts and much more. The quality of the display is exhilarating, the field of view is limitless, and the headset is both ergonomic and aesthetic.

Virtual Reality Meets Blockchain Technology

The demand for entertainment services always supersedes its supply. For instance, a musician may be required to perform in several cities across a country, yet this is virtually impossible since as humans, they are bound to get exhausted. However, the innovation of virtual reality seeks to bridge the gap by providing immersive experiences that perfectly augment the reality. Artists can now sell tickets to virtual concerts, reaching much larger audiences from numerous places all over the world.

On the other hand, blockchain technology has been a revelation since its inception. Its decentralized nature allows for universal and unfettered access to services offered in a given network. Moreover, transactions done over a blockchain-based platform are secure, transparent and anonymous.

By implementing blockchain technology in their project, CEEK will enable artists and other content creators reach an unlimited number of fans across the globe. Furthermore, it will be possible to exchange tickets for cryptocurrency tokens, thus eliminating the disparity between prices in different locations of the world.

CEEK Token

Currently, plans are underway to create a smart VR token, known as the CEEK Token. After buying the tokens, investors will automatically be enrolled to an ecosystem of CEEKERS, made of fellow token holders. On this platform, the ERC20 compliant tokens will be the primary means of exchange. Also, users will benefit from reduced gas costs, making the management and exchange of digital assets less costly.

Using the CEEK tokens, members will; buy content, vote, control programming among other privileges. Additionally, CEEKERS will have prime access to celebrity concerts, sporting events, e-learning platforms and so on. Smart contracts will control all transactions on the CEEK virtual ecosystem.

Benefits Of Fusing VR with Blockchain Technology

Through smart contracts, paying rightful content owners and publishers will become easier. This is because blockchain technology eliminates the obstacles brought about by presence of meaningless intermediaries.

CEEKERS will have access to innovative and exciting content, as well as new earning and spending possibilities. Content creators will have a ready market to which they can sell their products. The market will be the CEEK virtual ecosystem. In turn, this translates to higher revenues.

Since the ecosystem is self-sufficient, the creation of an ICO will not be necessary. This averts the hassles of complying with the stringent regulations governing the creation of crowdsales.

On this platform, the creation of a coin or a virtual product takes an amazingly short time of less than an hour. Thanks to decentralization, artists and brands will have an unlimited audience, multiplying their earnings in the process.

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  1. This ICO looks like one of the best coming up. It has its own platform and hardware, and it’s aiming for a huge unsatisfied crowd that wants to see their artists live. This is awesome.


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