CellTrust’s Announces at FINRA Blockchain-based Voice and SMS

CellTrust has partnered up with the US patent holder for SMS archiving to confirm the future measures that will be taken to implement blockchain technology into both CellTrust’s secure mobile information management platform (SMIM) and the flagship SL2 mobile app. This decision was declared at the FINRA Annual Conference that took place from May 21 until the 23rd.

According to the Chairman and CEO of CellTrust Corporation, Sean Moshir, this decision can theoretically tighten security and prevent any meddling to stored data. He further believes that:

“Data protection and validation are paramount to the financial service sector – as is traceability, compliance and eDiscovery.”

CellTrust’s SL2, a dual-persona BYOD+Landline that provides both encrypted and un-encrypted communication means, is said to use blockchain technology and CellTrust’s patented SecureVoice to maximize security and privacy.

In particular, it can help to capture incoming and outgoing calls, provide audio recordings, detailed reporting, traceability and archiving to name the least. All messages will also be secured and recorded from the moment of creation until the very end. The team believes that this step can help several industries expand productivity levels, while taking advantage of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – using devices in the workplace.

Many, especially Alex Sill, Vice President Business Development, PatchLink and security industry veteran has appraised Moshir for his incredible expertise levels – especially in the cybersecurity sector. He went on to comment on his contributions to PatchLink and how he has helped to build a multi-billion-dollar project. According to Sill:

“With CellTrust and the introduction of blockchain, he’s [Moshir] applying the same ingenuity to secure and open up the mobile communication channel for highly regulated industries.”

As per existing information, CellTrust’s partnerships with other archiving companies; the likes of Smarsh, Actiance, Global Relay, ZL Technologies and Micro Focus is what makes such archiving competences possible. Today, any level of management can manage, trace, record and validate different mediums of communication including that of voice, messages, texts and video and audio messages to name the few. Most importantly, it can be done in compliant to eDiscovery.

For more information on what CellTrust has to offer and a complete breakdown of its plans for the future, visit: http://www.celltrust.com

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