What Is Centaruem?

Centareum is an end-to-end proximity based mobile marketing platform that is decentralized. It brings an efficient connection between retailers and customers that are available at their region of interest. The platform aims at merging online marketing and offline purchasing at the brick and mortar retail stores.

The platform collects and provides data that was available previously in terms of real time customer conversions, live shopping trends, data that cannot be accessed like the entire customer profile, and combined retailer promotions by use of its blockchain.

How Centaruem Blockchain Mobile Marketing Works

Centareum disrupts the currently widespread retailer sales models through decentralization. This then creates a direct interaction between retailers and customers through the platform's 4R system that is Right place, Right price, Right Promotion, and Right time. The platform aims at ignoring social media channels and online ecommerce to provide a transparent and personalized shopping experience for consumers at reduced prices.

Retailers on the platform logs in to the platform's application and takes pictures of the products they offer. They then define the type of promotion, time and the demography. Promotions are then delivered to the right customers. The retailer then receives payments and is able to track their accounts.

For customers, they register on the Decentralized application. They then enter the broadcasting zone. The customers then receive the right product promotions according to their zones. They make necessary payment and in turn receive reward points.

Centareum CTM Token & ICO Details

The platform has two tokens one of them is referred to as Centa (CTM) token, which is based on ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum system. CTM is an externally tradable token that merges the Centareum token with the Ethereum based ETH token. The token exists to enable customer’s access and use the services that the platform offers. The CTM tokens are the ones available for public sale during the platform's Initial Coin Offering.

The second token is the Centa Dollar (CTD), which is valued at one USD. The platform saw the need for an additional token because they view ERC20 tokens as too slow, fluctuations in price and expensive. The CTD token enables real time transactions and high speed zero cost. The platform offers the Centareum token gateway to enable the interchange of CTD and CTM tokens when needed to make transactions.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: CTM
  • Token sale date: 08/01/2018 – 08/31/2018
  • Accepted payment method: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, NEO, and USD
  • Total token Supply: 500,000,000
  • ICO: Two stages each 50,000,000

Centareum Benefits

Benefits To Retailers

  • Hassle Free Process: The platform offers a three steps easy process for retailers to reach their customers who are in close proximity.
  • Instant customer reach: A retailer posts their offer and in less than five minutes, it reaches the target customers.
  • Increased Profits: Retailers can save up to 99% of their costs through the platform since they would have moved away from conventional marketing techniques.

Benefits To Customers

  • Reduced price: Customers get products at cheaper prices and many value deals since retailers would have saved alot due to less spending on marketing.
  • Reward Points: Customers are rewarded by the retailers every time they make transactions on the platform.
  • Real-time verified deals: Customers get real time advertisements from retailers that are verified thus getting many deals that are beneficial to them.

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