Centrality (CENNZ) Showcases Amazon Web Services Tech Partner Status

CENNZ, A New Zealand Crypto Project Blossoms After Partnership With Amazon

Centrality (CENNZ), a New Zealand based peer-to-peer application platform and marketplace, has experienced a near 60% increase in value over the past 24 hours following the news that it had become an official technology partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Although details of the partnership have still yet to be announced, AWS offers a similar centralized version for projects which include access to APIs and company resources. Some sources suggested earlier this year that Centrality would offer strong, decentralized competition to AWS, but today’s news suggests that as big corporations are looking firmly toward it.

Centrality is creating an infrastructure and marketplace for decentralized apps, or dapps, by providing the building blocks to develop blockchain services and a consumer-friendly experience that emphasizes connections and sharing among different apps. As many as 30 different apps, ranging from employee engagement and travel to messaging and transportation, are currently under development, with roughly half in production. The New Zealand company’s network has more than 400,000 users generating more than $12 million in revenue. A January public token sale reached Centrality’s hard cap of $100 million.

They are building the tools that applications will use and give them all the core capabilities: payment, messaging, communications, storage, the underlying blockchain infrastructure, smart contracts. There’s a blockchain framework that they have developed to solve some of these problems around consumer adoption, optimized for app store environments. Different use cases will have their own blockchains, and these blockchains will be able to talk to each other.

It’s a comprehensive, bottom-up approach to creating a consumer-friendly ecosystem, building services oriented towards interacting in the real world. Then they are co-creating with entrepreneurs across a range of different use cases so they can see what’s useful and getting people to come and innovate in their labs and build on top of the tool. The third phase is that the ecosystem starts to attract other developers.

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