CEO Of Circle, Allaire, Talks

MoneyConf is a two-day event in which several experts from the banking and tech industries come together to discuss what the future holds along with keynotes and workshops that promote the sharing of knowledge.

Today, June 13th, 2018, Jeremy Allaire, CEO and Co-Founder of Circle, a global cryptocurrency-based finance company, was given the opportunity to talk. The entirety of his discussion revolved around the notion of tokenization, how it will breakout like the internet first did and categories of cryptocurrency assets.

His key interest is to see how tokens will affect the global society, stating that, “every form of value storage and public record becomes a crypto-token”, which then can be traded on several digital exchanges.

He even gave an example as to how the future might be, suggesting a possible tokenizing of “your home, car or art”, which can be used to create financial relationships worldwide.

In his talk, he also broken down crypto-assets into a few sub sections, which include privacy-backed cryptos that free financial activities from government’s control and returning it to consumers as “a public good”. Allaire appears to be a fan of crypto-securities, what most ICOs are considered, as he argues them to possibly represent financial contracts, which exceed traditional methods.

When Allaire spoke of systems that focus on settling payments, he mentioned the likes of Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM), along with Ethereum, which to him represents as the ideal “operating systems for the global economy”.

His concluded his talk by addressing the last of his sub-sections, “stable coins”, which have been created as a mean to eliminate volatility of prices. During the event, Allaire came up with real life uses for stable coins, while mentioning its ability to reduce instability and yet maintain a decentralized system.

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