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Ceres Coin: Cannabis Blockchain Transaction Network Token?

The company is a dual cryptocurrency digital asset environment where the two virtual assets can be used and registered with SEC securities. CERES coin is strictly for transactional purposes and is considered to be a stable token. I’s collateralized cryptocurrency token giving the users/investors seamless transactions in the legally run cannabis industry.

CERES token is also a great investment for a different investment asset that is gives CERESE the ability to help investors who want to get involved by investing in digital assets of CERES the terminal movement of their coins and different fees associated with them and revenues that are created by the CERES, legal cannabis lending platform.

How Does Ceres Coin Work?

The platform is designed to be used in conjunction with its token that will apparently solve the recetn banking issues associated with the twenty billion dollars in legal fees that has been required for the cannabis industry. It also introduces a different type of payment type and vehicle for the more than one hundred billion dollars from the cryptocurrency market.

Through the use of the cryptocurrency token from CERES, CoolMelon (the company behind the token), are seeking to give you the first SEC-regulated ICO to bring new and improved solutions to unbanked $20-billion dollars flowing from the legal cannabis industry.

Investment in the real-estate industry also in the cannabis sector are ideal because of the borrowing power that occurs in the industry while at the same time producing a highly durable, well put together coin that is accepted by most – as well as being ideal for use throughout the entire cannabis industry.

CERES Token is also unmoved by competition inside space and can be used with scale as a conveniently and well-respected token that can be used by more than people in the cannabis, but with people from who use other currencies in different environments as well.

What Is The ICO On Ceres Coin?

At this time there is no ICO declared for the company. And, there is no telling if that will happen at any time. Even though there is a token as of now that is being described, it may be sometime before they release any information on the initial coin offering.

You can learn more about the system on the company website at There is a lot of other information on the company as well that is in much deeper detail.

Who Is Behind Ceres Coin?

The coin company has a massive team of entrepreneurs, tech wizards and cryptocurrency specialists. Greg Anderson is the founder and CEO of the company and has a huge background in real-estate development. For more than twenty years he’s been in Texas where he’s been involved in selling more than $20 million dollars in real estate in Texas.

He’s considered a serial Entrepreneur who has personally been associated with multiple businesses throughout the greater Austin area. He’s backed up by a huge team of people that are specialists in the fields mentioned above. All of the team members working on the project have verified LinkedIn profiles.

Along with that, there is also a team of advisors on the company firm. Each of them highly specialized in different areas and ready to give advice, plus push the team forward when they are lagging or get stuck. You can contact the company and learn more about each member by going to the company website

Ceres Coin In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a serious company with a powerful concept, and looking to invest in real-estate, then Ceres Coin a very real and legitimate team – then head to their website and find out how you can invest with the company. Ceres Coin is a very real company with a very real team behind it that is headed by people with excellent experience, each of whom has been verified for their education and past work accomplishments.



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