There is always a fascination that always borders our gaming having the ability to replicate a real-time system of interaction. Unfortunately, our current gaming technologies often don't offer the type of accuracy you would desire to increase the game's overall appeal. Overall, our current gaming systems don't offer the opportunity that makes you feel a more realistic gaming experience.

Fortunately, blockchain technology is inching closer to making our gaming more of a reality. For the gaming enthusiasts looking for massively multiplayer games, blockchain is providing a massive room for gaming communities to grow by infusing real-world currency with in-game economies. If that interests you, then the next adventure game should bring a competitive nature to the video gaming industry.

What Is CFighters?

CFighter is one of the most realistic adventure games compared to the traditional products within the gaming sector. The Ethereum-based game is set on an ancient age theme, where the players get to fight across multiple kingdoms, forces of orders, warring communities and magicians in order to become the most powerful within the entire setup.

Players will get to earn different elements of the gaming process that will go into the creation of weapons, armor and other elements that will assist them in battles, quests, and rankings. The gaming concept will work under a Gems of Power (GOPs) where players will be able to forge and create new items seamlessly along the gaming process.

CFighters Blockchain Battle Video Game Coin Features

CFighter will aim to provide the realistic experiences through multiple portals that facilitate the unique features that are attractive to the players. These options include:

  • Unique Items-CFighter allows for players to forge weapons which are not identical to other players weapons
  • Unique battles-with the unique weapons, the players can also forge battles that are unique since the said unique items present different battles
  • Monetization feature- the Gems of Power protocol allows for rewarding of the gaming efforts and the real-valuation of the items and weapons within CFighter.
  • Competitive nature-with the ranking system, CFighter provides for an uphill task for the players to outdo each other.

CFighters GOP Token ICO Details

At the moment CFighter enlists its Pre-ICO which is ongoing with the start dating back to 9 April and the end expected on 8 June 2018. The token price for the sale stands at 1ETH for 2000 GOP tokens from the supply of 4.3 million coins. However, CFighter is yet to announce any details on the official ICO or any bounty program but expects to release the details once the Pre-ICO is over.

  • Ticker-GOP
  • Token Type-Ethereum ERC20 token
  • Soft Cap-1.09 million GOP
  • Price- 1 GOP=0.0005 ETH

CFighters Conclusion

The use of blockchain technology for gaming presents an incremental value in how the industry utilizes advanced options for a more realistic experience for the gamers. Whereas most do intend blockchain for more practical uses, CFighter is offering a much fun and adventurous manner to truly enjoy the technology. All-in-all, such innovative gaming platforms have the potential to disrupt the status quo of the gaming industry. While there are far from major implications, such games could become innovations that could achieve full fruition and they are no harm in trying them out and get a glimpse of the next gaming transformation.

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