CGCX (Calfin Global Crypto Exchange) Set To Launch Hybrid Trading Platform

The Calfin Global Crypto Exchange, or CGCX, has announced that its main platform has gone public since July 1st, so investors can begin trading cryptocurrencies.

CGCX offers a hybrid exchange platform with the potential to transform blockchain investment and services. The company combines smart contract, ICO listing, cryptocurrency trading, and merchant services platforms into a single hybrid platform.

Investors are able to diversify their assets and access key blockchains services more easily with the CGCX platform than they previously could. CGCX is also providing a number of support applications and resources, including alt token voting, investment insurance, and smart wallets.

Also with the new CGCX platform being public, investors are able to use them on a large scale. These features will introduce higher rates of profitability and security into the blockchain market, generating better prospects for investors and a new model for other platforms to follow.

CGCX Platform Phases

CGCX has been developing its platform for some time, working to perfect all the individual features before releasing it to the public. The beta version, released to the public on June 10th, allowed investors to create their own accounts and try out the platform's features, including Know Your Customer registration, Google Authenticator verification, and basic UIs.

On July 1st, investors were able to begin using all of the features of the main platform, including cryptocurrency trading. And because they've already created accounts and gone through the registration and verification processes, there won't be any barriers to understanding or using this platform once it's available. Investors can reap all the benefits of hybrid cryptocurrency trading without hesitation.

The Confidence Of CGCX

CGCX is confident that investors will continue using its platform as it expects more investors. The company has already met and exceeded most of its financial and user goals. During a private presale of its cryptocurrency, the CGCX Token, it met its soft cap of $15 million in just 9 days.

Likewise, during the public sale, so many people invested that CGCX decided to add a second phase of the sale to begin on July 5th. Once the main platform becomes available, investors will be able to experience all the benefits of the exchange's diversified crypto investments and support features, leading to even more interest in what is likely to be a game-changing blockchain venture.

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