Calfin Global Crypto Exchange or CGCX is an advanced state of the art hybrid platform that aims to provide extensive and specialized actions for the everyday user or trader. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is an all-in-one exchange which will have the participants buy and sell the different digital currencies through the platform. Furthermore, CGCX will aim to unify the transactional aspects in the cryptocurrency world by going beyond the typical exchanges.

What CGCX Platform Entails

CGCX hopes to unique position itself in the crypto exchange market through the following four modules that will offer a more comprehensive range of services to its customers

  • Cryptocurrency exchange- the CGCX exchange will facilitate automated market making, a dynamic order book, matching engine, exchange adapter and matching logic.
  • ICO listing- CGCX provides for listing of potential tokens or ICOs set to unravel
  • Merchant Solutions- as a means of convenience to the typical traders, the CGCX Merchant solutions provide the necessary tools and resources such as currency conversion, KYC protocols, and analytics to formulate essential trading services
  • Smart Contracts- to enable automatic and transparent trading, CGCX provides for Smart Contracts to replace escrow settlements and assure proven reliability among the parties

How CGCX Singapore's Insured Cryptocurrency Exchange Works

As the main currency for the platform, CGCX token will aim to unify all transactional aspects through the following features:

  • Transferability- under the Ethereum platform, CGCX token holders will have free transfer options for their crypto investments
  • Multi-wallet support- CGCX token supports different models of Ethereum wallets
  • Ethereum based-with its foundation on the Ethereum blockchain, CGCX, will allow a secure and seamless payment settlement through the ERC20 protocol
  • Potential benefits of using the token
  • Instant arrangements that occur in real-time thanks to the instantaneous nature of blockchain
  • Discounts for CGCX users who transact utilizing the platform's token
  • Low transaction fees with attributes to the automated payments and reduced multiple transaction charges
  • Voting rights for CGCX token holders who get to decide on the ICO listing
  • Security and transparency of the transactions is assured under the CGCX platform

CGCX Token ICO Details

The CGCX token sale features three stages, namely:

  • SAFT- the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens was open for venture capitalist looking for CGCX private sale. The sale event run from 1 March 2018 till 15 March 2018
  • Pre-Sale- with some 20% bonus users get to participate in this event from 1 May 2018 till 15 May 2018.
  • The main sale- the ICO sale event will feature from 1 June 2018 till 30th June 2018.

Token Details

  • Ticker- CGCX
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC
  • Price rate- 1 ETH=8500 CGCX Tokens
  • Token supply- 1 Bln CGCX
  • ICO distribution- 50%
  • Hard Cap- 1 Billion CGCX Tokens
  • Soft Cap- 5 million USD
  • Minimum investment- 100 USD

Token Allocation

  • Public-50%
  • Marketing- 11%
  • Future (Research and development)- 19%
  • Vesting (Team)- 10%
  • Seed (Founders)- 10%

Funds Use

  • Team-15%
  • Marketing-20%
  • Product research and development-30%
  • Business development-15%
  • Operating capital-20%

Should You Choose CGCX?

Unlike most crypto exchanges, CGCX provides for an entirely new concept into how crypto trading platforms should operate. However, a significant point of concern with the project is the lack of the source code to their exchange platform. With such details missing there is little to verify the authenticity or feasibility of CGCX even though it still has quite a level of seriousness

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