Chain ID CID ICO Review

Your academic titles and credentials aside, one of the most valuable assets at your disposal are your certificates. Yes – those high school certificates, college transcripts, diplomas and degrees, membership certificates, licenses and the likes. Most of them are paper-based and need to be scanned or digitalized and subsequently notarized when they are to be shared, a factor that’s cumbersome.

But while it is a standard trend to keep them stored somewhere online, presumably in a safe, easily accessible database, how sure are you that you are the only person who accesses them? Apparently, hackers are on the loose, stealing and selling them to others who pay for real, authentic certificates. And yours might have been used somewhere already!

We’re Introducing Chain ID

To help guarantee safe storage of your documents, therefore, we are introducing Chain ID, a decentralized, blockchain-based platform. Chain ID will eliminate instances of scandalously faking someone’s academic papers online using the very same features of blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology is excellent for those situations when papers are required to be censorship resistant. The platform will suit individuals and organizations whose penchant for storing and issuing credentials on paper and save copies online. Also, any Chain ID user will smoothly present their academic papers for online verification at this platform. And once it starts to roll, it will be seamless to share reliably authentic files online.

Components of Chain ID

Being a resourceful site for individuals and future employers, Chain ID will suitably accommodate both parties. Its main components will include:

  • User Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Providers of certificates
  • Business Widget for websites
  • Chain-ID website

As its Whitepaper elucidates, users will lodge their applications by creating new IDs and filling in their details. Authority organizations like TOFEL will later verify the user’s details for authenticity.

For businesses, theirs will be to check and ascertain the validity of the certificates presented by the users via their addresses and confirm or reject it. But it is crucial to note that the business will only access documents that relate to the nature of their business.

On the same businesses’ websites will be a particular widget through which users will use to make quick registration and thereby upload their documents. Of course, such a feature will be utterly useful and convenient once the idea of Chain ID becomes more prevalent and useful.

How Chain ID Will Work

From its components, therefore, it is clear how the whole ecosystem will work. But first, every party will have to create an account – a User Card that’s based on Ethereum blockchain and which everyone’s unique address will be based on. For individuals, they will have to choose organizations where their documents are certified from.

At the end, when every paper will have been confirmed, a user will only need to use their User Card address when applying for jobs.

The Chief Merits of Chain ID:

  1. No more worrying about the safety or storage of your documents.
  2. Based on blockchain technology, and thus all documents will be censorship-resistant.
  3. Decentralized with the highly secure database.
  4. Users will pay no fees and will have 100% control of their certificates.

About the Chain ID CID ICO Tokens

There will be a mega CID token sale whereby enthusiasts will own unique tokens and the funds used to develop the platform further.

  • Token available – 7 million
  • Token symbol – CID
  • Each token will cost 0.001 ETH

As for distribution and other nitty-gritties, please be sure to go through the Whitepaper.

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