Chain Code Labs

Chaincode Labs, or simply Chaincode for short, is a cryptocurrency research and development group that focuses on exploring decentralized and peer-to-peer systems that focus on creating both open source and commercial software applications for digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

What Is ChainCode?

Chaincode, which is headquartered in New York City just a few blocks northeast of the Flatiron Building, was co-founded in 2014 by Alex Morcos and Suhas Daftuar, both of whom founded global trading firm Hudson River Trading in 2002. Both Morcos and Daftuar created Chaincode in order to provide a place for scientists and engineers to aid in the development of the technologies behind Bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies.

A further stated goal of Chaincode is to increase overall knowledge and understanding of these technologies and their applications, both in open source and commercial settings.

Chain Code Labs Product

As a research and development house, Chaincode does not have any sort of retail products for sale. Instead, the entire company is dedicated to developing new blockchain-inspired technologies and applications.

That being said, Chaincode does say that it works on both open source and commercial cryptocurrency tech projects. This means that it may be developing a commercial product or service in the future.

Chain Code Labs Opportunity

Chaincode is looking for new, qualified staff members to further its goals. At the time of this writing, the company is in search of candidates that can contribute to its open source Bitcoin project development efforts.

Applicants, who can provide contact details directly to Chaincode through email, should have a degree in a field related to computer science, have the ability to read and understand code in both C++ and Unix, and have several years of experience under their belt in contributing to large-scale software projects.

It goes without saying that candidates should also be intellectually curious and passionate about cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology that makes them tick.

There’s also an upcoming opportunity through Chaincode – an upcoming “Hacker Residency,” two two-week sessions that provide guided research and hands-on training in security concerns and adversarial thinking as well as becoming a Bitcoin Core contributor.

Seats are limited and need to be applied for beforehand, though the residency is free of charge. Some limited stipends may be available to cover costs such as lodging and travel. Be aware that these residencies are not intended for Bitcoin novices but for individuals who already have a strong grasp of the blockchain ledger technologies, programming and software development, and other related topics.

These two residency periods are scheduled to take place in January and February of 2018.

Finally, for local developers who can’t commit to a residency, Chaincode hosts weekly meetups on Wednesdays in the weeks leading up to the residency period. Again, participants should have a strong grasp of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency concepts and a drive or desire to participate in either Bitcoin Core development or related technological products.

ChainCode Verdict

ChainCode is an excellent resource for any dedicated Bitcoin Core enthusiasts, programmers, and computer scientists with a passion for open source cryptocurrency applications. Whether you’re looking for a weekly meetup in order to hone your programming skills, an in-depth, concentrated residency program to increase your own understanding, or you’re looking for a career opportunity in Bitcoin and blockchain technology, Chaincode should be on your shortlist of organizations to investigate and possibly become affiliated with.

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