What Is Chainconnect?

Chainconnect is a blockchain-powered ecosystems that incorporates a cryptocurrency exchange, facilitates automatic crypto asset trading and the sale of decentralized apps (DApps). By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Core AI, a subsidiary of the Chainconnect ecosystem, autonomously trades and mages digital assets for investors.

On the other hand, Core Marketplace is a decentralized platform through which clients can interact with and purchase DApps directly from developers. Lastly, the Core Exchange is a service that enables user to exchange their fiat into cryptocurrencies, or crypto to crypto.

The Chainconnect Objective

The foremost objective of the Chainconnect ecosystem is to establish a lasting solution to the problems facing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. These are:

Distrust Between Crypto Investors And Investment Firms

Severally, crypto startups have prematurely ended operations after failing to actualize their goals. Most of such projects usually fail to refund the contributors. To solve this, Chainconnect has created an advanced user-friendly trading algorithm that automatically trades and manages digital assets.

Decentralized App Developers Cannot Access A Marketplace For Their Creations

The Core Marketplace will provide a convenient platform for the developers to access several clients. Furthermore, the Chainconnect platform eliminates the possibility of scamming.

Due to the recent ban imposed on the use of cards to buy crypto by mainstream banking institutions, the price of Bitcoin and Altcoins has plummeted considerably. The Core Exchange is based on a peer-to-peer trading systems, reducing the influence of external parties.

Chainconnect Core AI, Exchange & Marketplace Details

Core AI

Core AI is a scalable, self-adjusting mathematical program created to evaluate the performance of various digital assets on different trading platforms. The program collect, stores and processes voluminous amounts of market data of the top 100 digital currencies according to the market capitalization value.

The architecture of the Core AI platform is dominated by AWS infrastructure, including AWS LEX, AWS Apache MXNet, AWS Elastic BeansTalk, and AWS Kenesis. Other languages in the platform’s codebase are Solidity, Cloudsearch, X-Ray, and Cloud9 Antenna. Core AI is hosted on the remarkably fast AWS S3 servers located in Ireland.

Core Marketplace

Coin Market is decentralized marketplace in which clients can readily access Decentralized Apps (DApps). All DApps listed on this marketplace are thoroughly tested by Core Laboratories before being published. Core Token will be used in the acquisition of DApps listed on the Core Marketplace.

Core Exchange

Core Exchange is a peer-to-peer to exchange that facilitates interaction s between crypt asset purchasers and sellers. The objective of the platform is lowering the transaction fees for sellers and withdrawal fees for buyers. To guarantee the security of payments, all funds will be held in Escrow until both parties confirm the transaction.

Chainconnect COT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Name: Core Token
  • Symbol: COT
  • Token Sale Date: 08/15/18 – TBD
  • Blockchain: ETHEREUM (ERC20)
  • Decimal: 8
  • Compatible Wallets: MEW, Ledger Nano, imToken, and all ERC20 Wallets.

Token Distribution

  • 16.7% – reserve
  • 16.7% – airdrop
  • 66.7% – crowdsale

Distribution Of Funds

  • 5% – marketing
  • 5% – legal
  • 10% – team
  • 10% – core marketplace
  • 10% – hiring additional developers
  • 10% – core exchange
  • 20% -core laboratories
  • 30% – server upgrade

Chainconnect Conclusion

As of now, Chainconnect has already published a whitepaper and tested the Core AI, the first two steps in their roadmap. The token sale is currently ongoing, with the next phase set to be the launch of the Core Marketplace.

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