Chainstamp is a company that utilizes and harnesses the power of the blockchain. They want to help people and business make use of the much-hyped technology. The first product they have produced is the “Chainstamp Proof.” It will offer proof of timestamps for any digital files. In future, they will launch other services and products.

What Is Chainstamp?

Chainstamp Proof is a tool that makes it possible to show that a given digital file existed at a given time using immutable timestamps. The developers of this project will submit a transaction to the Bitcoin blockchain and part of every transaction will have data derived from files submitted to their site.

The data offers an unchangeable anchor point in time. Since the blockchain cannot be changed, the proof will exist for all time. The verification of the Chainstamp Proof will include an original file and their website or a “proof file” that you download. The third part will be the bitcoin blockchain, which can be viewed on different sites, or you can download it to your system.

How You Can Utilize ChainStamp Blockchain Digital File Timestamp

If you have any digital file whether documents, photos, recordings, or any file stored on your computer, you can create a timestamp with Chainstamp Proof. You will be able to drag and drop it in the Create page of the site and a digital fingerprint of the file is submitted to the bitcoin network. This will ensure a verifiable timestamp is created for the files.

How Can Chaintamp Be Useful To Your Company?

If you hope to utilize Chainstamp, you need to get in touch with the creators of this project for specific integration. Very soon, they plan to launch a public API for businesses that wish to create their own businesses. Essentially, any time a business process leads to changes or creation of a file; it will be a chance to create an immutable timestamp.

How To Utilize ChainStamp Proof Verifying Service

The proof file can be downloaded after a Chainstamp Proof has been submitted or confirmed. This will let you prove that the original file exists using a blockchain. This file can continue being used even if Chainstamp ceases to exist.

The original file is hashed and the hash is put into the proof of file. This proof of file is hashed and placed in the Bitcoin network as part of a transaction inside the network. Finding the timestamp of the block, which has the transaction that contains the proof file hash, proves the original file exists. The hash of this original file is already inside the proof file, it provides a timestamp that is easy to verify.

Your original file is hashed and that hash is put into the proof file. The proof file is hashed and put into the Bitcoin blockchain as part of a transaction that is put inside a block. Finding the timestamp of the block that contains the transaction (which contains your proof file hash) proves the existence of your original file (whose hash is inside the proof file) and provides a verifiable timestamp.

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