Do you like to gamble? Many people do and, because of this, there is no shortage of people online creating many types of games that you play and maybe win some money if you are lucky. Today our subject is a new game that we have recently found online: Chance to Win Bitcoin. Do you want to know everything about it? Be welcome to our review.

What Is The Chance to Win Bitcoin?

Chance to Win Bitcoin, as the name clearly states, is a lottery game that gives you a chance to bet and win Bitcoin. The company has designed a board with 1,000,000 pixels and 50 of them have prizes on them. The 50 prizes equal a total of 0.33600 BTC that are on the game. They are randomly placed and, if they are on the pixels that you bought, the BTC is sent to your wallet.

Each pixel costs 0.00001 BTC, but you actually buy the squares, meaning that there are 10,000 squares and you can buy each with 0.001 BTC. The main prize is 0.06720 BTC, the second and third are 0.02260 BTC and the fourth to sixth are 0.01680 BTC. The seventh prize is 0.00672 and all the other prizes are 0.00336 BTC each.

How Does The Chance to Win Bitcoin Work?

Basically, you select pixel squares and try your luck. It is actually really simple. There are 50 prizes and, as soon as someone takes one, it appears on the site’s list. If you win, the money is sent to your cryptocurrency wallet and you will receive an email that will warn you that you have won in the game.

You cannot play the game without creating an account first. Fortunately, you can easily create your account by using a valid email that you can verify and a Bitcoin wallet address. This is all you need to play. You also have the chance to sign up with your Google account if you want to.

The game keeps going on until all the pixels are bought or until all the prizes are. When this happens, the randomized pixel grid will automatically refresh and 50 new prizes will appear. Because of this, it is considerably more profitable to play at the beginning of the game, when your chances of winning are considerably bigger than to wait too much.

If you refer a friend to the site, you will get 100 free pixels (one square) per friend.

Is Chance to Win Bitcoin Secure?

We think that Chance to Win Bitcoin is a secure game, but we are not 100% sure of that, so hear our advice. The main problem is that, unlike Ethereum-based games, you do not really have proof that the company will ever pay you. There are no smart contracts or any proof that you will be paid.

On the other hand, the company will make up to 10 BTC and spend only 0.33600 BTC to pay people, so the business is so profitable that there is no actual reason to scam people.

The Chance to Win Bitcoin Conclusion

Feel free to gamble in this company, but know that you have very slim chances of actually winning something noteworthy. This is the type of game that you better use to spend your time than necessary to make a lot of money.

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