Developers of the Chanjinn project want to create the ultimate payment solution for the world. This will be reliable and easy to use a digital wallet; it will let you access crypto and pay via Mastercard and Visa. It will come in the form of a feature-laden app, which is meant to ensure your financial comfort. The entire world of digital payments will be accessible to you via a smartphone. You will be able to exchange, pay, and transfer crypto and fiat in just a few clicks.

About Chanjinn

Chanjinn has a major focus on convenience, safety, and various innovative features. It is a contactless and remote payments mode on mobile devices. It will be a scalable ecosystem, which has access to various services from banks and other third-party companies. This open-ended platform will enable the addition of more features as the platform grows.

Chanjinn Cryptocurrency And Fiat Payment Wallet System

This platform will utilize the Host Card Emulation technology, which turns the smartphone into a carrier of contactless payment cards. You simply hold the phone to a compatible terminal and the payments take place. The Chanjinn platform will offer security via high-end encryption. Thus, there will be no need to fill your wallet with plastic cards. This major shift from plastic to digital is fully backed by Mastercard and Visa.

The Chanjinn Project Team

A team of experts who have digital financing expertise totaling 20 years supports the development of this project. There are also experts in the payments industry of the international system and those from the field of protecting data cryptographically.

Members of the team have already participated in the implementation of various projects certified by Mastercard and Visa payment systems. Besides that, they have developed various solutions that utilize the HCE tech. This will ensure they offer contactless payments in various banks. These large banks trust the developers to give them this contactless payment system. They include Bank of Georgia, Alpha Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, and many others.

Chanjinn Advantages And Functions


The team is working with authorities to ensure they comply with all laws in every jurisdiction. Besides that, they will observe the KYC and AML requirements for all the users.

Easy To Use

Essentially, the platform will be a mobile digital wallet that is connected to a crypto-fiat exchange. Thus, users can carry out financial transactions seamlessly, whether they have fiat or crypto.


Because of API integration with partners and payment services, there will always be money available to support withdrawals. Besides that, with a robust network of global partners, they will be able to offer users the best speeds possible.

Chanjinn UMO Token TGE Details

The Token Generation Event (TGE) for this project will help them to fund the development of the promised features. It will ensure the creation of a self-sufficient ecosystem and digital community integrated to the global economy and the blockchain.

Parameters Of The TGE

  • Token Ticker: UMO
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
  • Start Date: August 30, 2018

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