Charity Space

What Is CharitySPACE?

Charity Space is an internet-based platform that is powered by blockchain technology. The entire platform is based on the ethereum blockchain and the smart contracts. Via these smart contracts, fundraisings are organized. Most of these funds end up in charities, hospitals, orphanages, and other charitable organizations that care about human welfare. In return for taking part in a fundraiser, the participant has the chance to be part of the prize draw. In the first stage, intangible awards such as BTC and ETH pools are awarded. In the second stage, tangible objects such as cars, electronics, and motorcycles are included.

How CharitySPACE Decentralized Donation & Fundraising Works

The internet-based platform as well the as a mobile application will organize a charity fundraising and various other charitable events. A single collection is usually done within a given duration. For instance, it will have a seven-day period and come with the soft cap, which can be collected. Once the minimum amount has been reached, the system will collect the funds, and after the expiry of the given period, it will draw a winner from the group of donors. The prize can be awarded as digital currency or as a physical award.

If the soft cap is not reached at the end of the collection period, the funds are given back to those who took part in the fundraiser. In such a case, there is no draw. Once a soft cap is reached, and the winner is drawn, the prize is transferred to the blockchain address of the winner. The other funds will then be sent to the CharitySPACE account. This amount will then be exchanged for FIAT and then transferred to the charity. Charity SPACE handles all the costs associated with tax, stock exchange and turnover. The entire system is based on the ethereum smart contracts, which means there is no risk of the process of picking a winner being tampered with to favor anyone.

Why Choose CharitySPACE CHT

The team deeply believes that their experience and transparency of the business model, which is guaranteed by a smart contract, will help to convince investors about the viability of their investment. The team is also cognizant of the various ICOs that have launched and not implemented the projects.

The thing that sets them apart is that they are made of a passionate team of people who already help others in their existing work. Some of the members of the project are IT experts who have over a decade of experience working for large corporations. They also have experienced software architects, programmers, and information developers, and artists who are involved in a wide array of graphics work.

This team of developers is professionally stable. However, they would like to leave a mark in the world of crypto. They have a passion for creating electronics and a passion for the blockchain. The team is deeply rooted in the world of electronic money, and we believe that this community needs to help others. The entire platform will be powered by the charityTOKEN (CHT).


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