Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder and leader at IOHK, wrote a tweet with information about the new wallet that is coming to the market and that is complementary to the Daedalus wallet. The new crypto wallet may be released before 2019.

The tweet uploaded by Mr. Hoskinson says that the details about the wallet will be released later in August.

The tweet uploaded by Charles Hoskinson reads as follows:

“Now for that promised end of month ANN. A new wallet is coming soon to the Cardano ecosystem. It’s really exciting and complimentary to Daedalus. I think people are really going to like it. Details coming in August.”

The Daedalus wallet became available back in January. There were some issues and bugs, but the IOHK community was fast and quick to solve all the problems providing the customers and efficient and quality service. Later, the team decided to extract all the Inter-Process Communication [IPC] logic of Daedalus between the main and the rendering process to another layer.

The main intention behind this process was to simplify the code and allow for future advancements and enhancements on the product.

Cardano is now the 8th most important cryptocurrency in the market with $3.54 billion dollars market capitalization. Each ADA token can be bought for $0.136 dollars as reported by CoinMarketCap.

He also just released these updates:

Cardano is a blockchain platform that is capable of running different financial applications. Indeed, individuals, governments and enterprises from all over the world are using this platform to build financial services and give access to the market to people that still does not have it.

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