Charles Hoskinson Sits Down For Crypto Insider Interview, and Reveals What He Really Thinks About the Cardano Foundation

Charles Hoskinson is known to the cryptocurrency world as the CEO of IOHK, and he is very firm in how successful that his platform has become without the need for any other structure. When he decided to accept an interview with Crypto Insider, it opened the door for him to voice his opinion about the Cardano Foundation, including how independent that he is from them.

A recent tweet from Charles Hoskinson provides an opportunity for users to watch the video for themselves on YouTube. He added to the link, saying, “Here's a part of my recent interview with Crypto Insider regarding the Cardano Foundation.”

Cardano Foundation and IOHK have a history of disagreements, but the most recent development that preceded the interview was when the Cardano Foundation was cut off from the Cardano (ADA) project. This left behind IOHK and Emurgo. Hoskinson took the time to express his thoughts with a letter to the Foundation, though there has been no response.

While speaking with Crypto Insider about the situation, Hoskinson said,

“The reality is we’ve been working with this situation for two years it’s just it’s gotten to a point where Emurgo and IOHK have just normally given up on the existing leadership structure of the Foundation and we feel we have a duty to tell the community that we’re just going to move without them.”

According to him, the reason that the Cardano Foundation was kicked out of the arrangement was due to the lack of business ethics compliance from the Chairman of the Board. He went as far as to accuse the chairman of nepotism within his company, refusing to carry out the duties they agreed upon, and other concerns. Hoskinson commented,

“They are no more useful to us at the moment than Bitcoin Foundation is useful to Bitcoin and Bitcoin didn’t need the Bitcoin foundation to become successful. Frankly, the hard work of other people did it.”

Elaborating, he added,

“How does the community work with you like what is their ability to collaborate with you. If somebody has a project or they want to do something how do they contact the Cardano Foundation? how do they actually coordinate with you? There’s a litany of services that this organization should be providing to the community and they’re just simply not.”

Hoskinson kept at it, not letting up at all over his criticism of how the foundation has handled the Cardano community, commenting that he took it upon himself to visit 27 countries to make the ecosystem himself. He added,

“I meet the people and I see their frustration. It was inexcusable for us not to have a good presence in South Korea. When we hit the markets a lot of people bought at the top, at $1.20 and those people are loyal they’re still there. They still believe in the project even though they’ve lost a heck of a lot of money.”

The interviewer took the chance to pose a question to Hoskinson, questioning what he would do if he was asked to not “interfere” with what the foundation chooses to do with the community now. He replied,

“I’d ask basic questions like, do you think it’s in the interest of the community to have the Foundation led by a king? There is no oversight or checks and balances when you have a board of two where one doesn’t do much other than file the paperwork and the other one has absolute power. Why do you feel you’re above transparency?”

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