Charlie Lee Says Crypto Twitter Handle 'WhalePanda' is 'ProfFaustus' aka Craig Wright

Leave it to twitter for some late night heroics when it comes to news worthy dialogue. Charlie Lee has had himself quite a day, appearing on CNBC's Fast Money to discuss the current state of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets in general. But if you thought his evening was a great performance, then his night cap is sure to set of some fireworks within the crypto community.

It started off by StopAndDecrypto posting a tweet about reddit subforum /r/btc to double down about him being WhalePanda.

Then Charlie decides to join in on the conversation by adding some pot stirring controversy by stating:

This originated when David Shares spread rumors that ‘master of propaganda' WhalePanda was actually StopAndDecrypt.

Then we see Litecoin's Creator inject the comment that Dr. Craig Wright (famed Satoshi Nakamoto claimer) is actually WhalePanda. What does this mean? Who knows, but we do know that both of these guys (and the others involved here) are crypto OG's and have been around in the space since the majority of those in the space today – which means there are plenty of insider stories and likely key facts and figures that they know that we do not. Then just to clear up any confusion:


Then, if we could only hear from the man, or women, or them themselves:

As we said when we started, just some late night or early morning shengingans happening from the crypto-verse depending where you are in the world!

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  1. This is stupid. If you just dig a little deeper, Whalepanda is the Belgian ex-altcoin trader/hodler, Stefan Jespers, who doesn’t really believe what he’s saying but in it for the fame.


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