This is a blockchain-based platform for the selection of cars and marketing of diagnostics. I is the first of its kind in the world. The ultimate objective of this project is to leverage smart contracts and distributed ledger technology to combat the challenges facing the car selection and diagnostics sector.

Problems Check-Car Seeks To Solve

Incomplete and/or Undependable Info About Cars

Currently, this is a common occurrence in the market. This issue particularly affects online buyers, where what is delivered is completely different to what you ordered on the site.

Exorbitant Costs

Due to the presence of numerous intermediaries such as regulatory bodies, agencies and brokers, the price of automobiles is often too expensive for the average citizens.

Inability to Conduct Self-diagnosis of the Car

As of now, only professionals have the knowledge on how to evaluate the issues impeding the desired performance of a car. This further inflates the maintenance costs.

Time Consumption

Presently, the infrastructure used in selection of cars is overwhelmed by the massive amount of car information stored in the databases. As a result, the entire process becomes elongated and tedious, especially from a prospective buyer’s perspective.

Incompetent Experts

Many car owners are duped by unqualified individuals masquerading as genuine mechanics and automobile engineers.

The Check-Car Solution

As mentioned earlier, will implement blockchain technology to solve the problems facing car selection and diagnostics. Essentially, this platform will facilitate the direct peer-to-peer connections between buyers and sellers. Consequently, transparency and security will significantly improve. Moreover, costs of transactions will be substantially reduced due to the absence of intermediaries. Lastly, the speed of transaction processing will increase vastly, thanks to the decentralized nature of the blockchain ledger.

How Check-Car Works

For clients:

  • Apply for professional help
  • Get offers from verified experts
  • Activate a smart contract
  • Pay if the work is up to the required standards

For experts:

  • Respond to client requests
  • Activate smart contracts
  • Get experience and points
  • Follow weekly quests

Check-Car Blockchain Car Diagnostics Coin Advantages

For Clients:

  • Big Data verified auto – using advanced analysis methods, this platform places ads that are relevant to a specific user on their timeline. If the user finds it appealing, they can request for a diagnosis form the certified experts list.
  • Safe transactions – payments are irreversible and are always recorded on the Check-Car blockchain
  • Verified experts – professionals are subjected to thorough scrutiny before joining the Check-Car ecosystem.

For sellers:

  • Rapid sales – sellers have access to a ready market, a factor that ensures sales are quick.
  • Advertising platform – business can use the peer-to-peer connections to promote their products across the network.

For experts:

  • Guaranteed payments – smart contracts will ensure that experts receive payments after the acceptance of their products or services.
  • Minimal commission – to maximize the profits received by pros, Check-Car will only level a low commission rate on every successful transaction.
  • Unique CRM system – using this feature, experts can generate reports for clients, as well as keep records of cars and customers.

Check-Car CCR Token ICO Details

Check-Car will produce a total of 1,000,000,000 CCR token. CCR is an ERC20 compliant utility token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain

Parameters of the ICO

  • Token name: Check-Car
  • Symbol: CCR
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 CCR
  • Private sale: April-May 2018
  • Presale: May-June 2018
  • ICO: June-July 2018
  • Soft cap: 2,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 50,000 ETH


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