Every cryptocurrency opportunity comes with its own benefits. When the industry started, the simple fact of having a transparent blockchain was enough to entice investors, but consumers nowadays need a better guarantee that its worth it to spend the money. The Checkitsreal ICO launch will soon be available, and consumers may want to get involved.

What Is Checkitsreal?

The goal of Checkitsreal is to use the existing blockchain technology to help reduce counterfeit products in the industry. This problem costs consumers up to €100 billion annually in the pharmaceutical industry alone. The major place that consumers are focusing on is medication, ranging from fake antibiotics, vaccines and more.

To make this transition, the company involves the use of tracking QR codes, which are registered to authentic and trademarked products. Consumers that participate will be able to check on the state of the QR code of nearly any product they purchase. However, those investors will only have access to the codes if they purchase tokens to “pay” for each check.

About The ICO

Consumers that want to participate in the Checkitsreal ICO will need to purchase the CIR tokens. The ending price of them will be 40 cents each, but consumers will have multiple chances, in addition to the actual ICO, to make a purchase.

The hard limit for the campaign will be 200,000,000 CIR tokens, though it is not clear if the company plans to open the tokens for public sale. Each stage of the sales offers different discounts to save on that 40-cent token. Investors have the opportunity to invest during the following sales:

  • Invite-Only (April 6th to April 20th)
    • Price per token: 15 cents
    • Available tokens: 9,000,000
  • Pre-ICO (May 11th to May 25th)
    • Price per token: 20 cents
    • Available tokens: 15,000,000
  • ICO (June 1st to June 29th)
    • Price per token: 30 cents
    • Available tokens: 36,000,000

The rest of the tokens will be held onto by the company for 2 years from the beginning of the Pre-ICO sale.

The Roadmap For Checkitsreal

Consumers will need to watch the roadmap available to see what they can expect from the company. Right now, the company only lists the plans that they have for 2018. Here is the timeline that they estimate that they can follow:

  1. March – preparing the ICO and launching the company on its own app for iTunes
  2. April – the invite-only launch starts, and the company prepares for the pre-ICO sale
  3. May – the pre-ICO launch starts and the company secures additional resources
  4. June – the official Ico launch occurs, as the company moves office locations
  5. July – the company sets up a sales team and a marketing director is established
  6. August – the company secures major customers within the pharma/luxury goods industries
  7. September – the ID portal is launched, and it is integrated to key manufacturers
  8. October – the VerifyMyMeds program is launched for consumers and it becomes the new standard in countries
  9. November – the website improves functionality
  10. December – the client bas should be expanded to over 20 members and partnerships with AI technology are established

Contacting The Creators Of Checkitsreal

Even though the whitepaper on this ICO seems authentic, consumers may want to learn more details about the product before they decide to invest themselves and their income. Consumers that wish to learn more directly from the company reach them at the following:

Checkitsreal Conclusion

Checkitsreal is beneficial for consumers that want to stop the counterfeit products in the industry. By becoming more aware of the products that are doing damage to the body, this cryptocurrency is doing more work towards having quality products in the pharmaceutical world.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Charlie Sherlock and I am the CEO of checkitsreal. Thank you for your kind summary of our project.

    checkitsreal is an app-based ecosystem built on Blockchain technology to support product verification and traceability which detects and eliminates counterfeit products. We go beyond Pharma, although fake meds are the no. 1 in terms of volume.

    We use QR codes, RFID chips and / or NFC chips to securely identify each product.

    The App is FREE for consumers to download and use. It is the product manufacturers who pay for our technology & tags, using CIR.

    We are real people and we are a real company. You can of course visit us or call us – our full contact details are at

    Johnstown Business Centre, Naas, Co Kildare, W91 C99T, Ireland
    Email : [email protected]
    Phone : + 353 45 844238

    My direct email is [email protected], this is me on LinkedIn
    or I can be found @csherlock on Telegram.


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