Cheetah Mobile's BTC & ETH SafeWallet Cryptocurrency App

Cheetah Mobile is a major contributor to the tech industry in China, but the last week has resulted in the launch of their wallet, which allows consumers to store multiple cryptocurrencies at once. The wallet is compatible with both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). To protect the user’s funds, the wallet is triple-locked with various defense systems.

The wallet, called Safewallet, is yet another application from Cheetah Mobile exclusively. On this program, consumers can send and receive funds, create, and manage several wallets at once, and import existing wallets. There is no way to accidentally perform any transactions, because of the immense security on the platform.

The Safewallet is not without penalties, but Cheetah Mobile has found a way to offset that. There is an algorithm that the program involves that helps to reduce the amount of fees that are included in certain transactions. The CEO of the company finds that this transition into cryptocurrency will be a major step for the company.

Another way that the Safewallet keeps the user from engaging in random transactions is with the use of the “safety keyboard.” This protection helps consumers to not accidentally log keys and various data. Even though the company only has an option to download the app from the Google Play store for Android, it will soon be available for Apple iOS as well.

Along with this wallet, Cheetah Mobile offers internet access to consumers from Beijing, China. It has created multiple applications that consumers around the world use, and it presently hosts 634 million participants a month.

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