Chek by One ICO

If you have ever donated to a charity, you undoubtedly at some space and time mentally pondered if the money was actually going to its’ designated source. Understandably, given that unless the person is directly in the CEO’s office, you never truly know where the money flow is ending up. Until now.

Chek by One is a Russian blockchain platform developed by the entrepreneur and business consultant Mikhail Paley and his team of brilliant strategists.

Some of One +1’s partnerships include United Way, Huka, and Charity Shop, just to name a few out of the many organizations they linked with, which by the way, is over 700,000, to date. Regarding their affiliates, Chek by One also has associations with many various global ICO companies.

The organization managed to cultivate a whopping $700 billion donations a year. In addition, the company already has a volume of 1.5 billion donors and has nearly met the pre-sale token goal to the tune of $155, 776. Impressive, given the company officially just launched in February of 2018.

About Chek by One

The primary sale begins on April 28th which will rate a Chek at 10 cents on the U.S. dollar, while the presale began on February 20th, 2018 and values the Chek at a market price of 8 cents to the U.S. Dollar. The number of tokens available is 7 billion. The projected total cap in the presale is 400,000.

Chek has become so widespread in the business and blockchain industry that they have been featured in certain mainstream media relevant to Russia such as NCN, Echo of Moscow and Radio Mayak.

Chek Company & Team

At the forefront of the Chek donation system expedition is Mikhail Paley, CEO who first originated the company concept when. He has developed businesses from start to finish and has been at the core of financial consulting and banking industries for over eleven years.

Mikhail’s right-hand man is Yuri Platanov, who is head of Operations. Platanov has over a decade of experience in product development and business undertakings in the world of insurance companies, of which were within the top 10 global markets.

The CTO, Artem Garashko’s roots originate in the IT field in software development, as well as leadership role of a mass-scale platform project in the banking sector. Yuri Garashko is Software Architect of Chek’s software department (pretty self-explanatory).

Further complimenting the Chek team is Alex Garashko, Head of Software Development; Kristina Zasimova, Executive Director; Andrey Vishnyakov, Head of Marketing; Daria Bogachkina, Head of Communications; Dmitry Belkin, Art Director; Pavel Kazantsev, Senior Attorney; Vadim Alekseev, Front End Developer; Irina Zakharova; Chief Accountant.

Chek by 1+ also has an extensive list of advisors as an integral part of operations.

Technology Behind Chek by One

The company manages to employ this concept since decentralized networks offer transparency through the blockchain transactions. Their methodology is the database which is built on blockchain activities and allows a user to view their donations, and also determine who specifically the donations are designated to.

The cycle of Chek issuance begins when donators purchase a product through the Marketplace, or a token, which is mined. Following the purchase, part of the proceeds go to the charity of the user’s choice, and then 30% of the donation funds are utilized for the Development of Social Initiatives on the blockchain platform.

What does Social Initiative entail? It goes towards businesses which have connected with One +1 platform, journalists whose content revolves around blockchain information, software developers and social charity projects.

Currently, a user can purchase the token Chek, which can be donated to charities, can be exchanged in designated e-commerce system or can be spent purchasing goods in the Marketplace.

More unique factors offered by One +1 is it still operates retail sales offline and allots Cheks to retail shops who sell products on the One +1 Marketplace. The company is also involved with e-commerce exchange for when a purchase is made.

The Chek by One ICO Verdict

If your concerns lie in the realm of practicality in terms of investment, then this may be a good fit for you, provided you are fully emotionally invested in offering your resources to charities.

Aside from the booming blockchain industry, this is a pathway in which donors can take control in knowing what their funds are going towards into their own hands, and furthermore, operating on a responsible global conscious scale. Chek, mate.


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