Chelle Benefits Real Estate Transactions with Blockchain

Real estate transactions are not easy, especially for the everyday buyer, who must rely on the expertise of an agent. The process for purchasing property can be complex, time-consuming, and difficult overall. One platform though is looking for a new method to alter the current market and it's suggesting blockchain technology as the starting point. After all, blockchain provides individuals to perform transactions much more quickly and easily as well.

What is Chelle CHL Coin?

The platform, called Chelle Coin, is an innovative system that developed a blockchain-based ecosystem. The ecosystem ensures that real estate documents are more accessible and transactions are easy to execute. With the platform’s qualities, investors, buyers, and sellers may have less paperwork and the time to perform the transaction may lessen as well. Further, the transaction can be recorded on the blockchain instantly.

Another advantage to this system is that the transactions can be accessed and exchanged at any time and the decentralized network ensures that data is well protected. The protection mechanisms prevent the information from being copied, manipulated, or hacked.

Chelle also has a coin, which promises improvements for all parties involved in the transaction. The coin, CHL, provides investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolio so that the overall risk is mitigated as well. The coin has received residential and commercial backing since its inception in 2014.

Chelle is also planning a pre-ICO from July 2nd through to July 22nd. Participants will receive regular monthly returns dependent upon the performance of properties held in their portfolios.

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