CHER is a green project that aims to create an eco city that has zero carbon emissions. The project aim is to utilize the environment optimally in a manner that has no impact on the environment.

The Eco City aims to be the perfect fusion of nature and urban environments. It aims at enhancing the experience possible at open urban spaces by making use of natural vegetation to control the microclimate in urban areas. The project supports a culture of innovation that allows individuals to prosper with new inventions that make urban areas livable.

Cher EcoCity Background

Those behind this project are people that love this planet and are worried about climate change. During the COP21 event in 2015, 195 nations agreed to play their role in limiting global warming. It is estimated that the earth’s global temperature will have risen by 2 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. This rise in temperatures is expected to have a major impact on the earth.

In some places, it will lead to the extinction of animal species. Besides that, it will lead to weather disasters becoming quite common. There is also the issue of a rise in sea temperatures. It is unlikely that the earth will withstand a rise in CO2 levels. Since the start of the industrial revolution, CO2 levels have risen from 0.28 percent to about 0.4 percent, which represents a rise of about 42%. Because of this increase in greenhouse gases, the earth’s temperatures have increased, which has led to the melting of polar ice caps, which leads to a rise in sea levels. This has caused coastlines to recede and the devouring of low-lying islands.

The Ideal Smart City Cryptocurrency Of The Future

According to the developers of this project, the ideal eco city will be economically sustainable. It will also be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally healthy with no carbon emissions. The city will draw in tourists and major investments. It will also be a smart city, which appreciates nature. It will be a place for leisure, sports, wealth creation, and a place where technology thrives.

In their vision, the eco city will be a chain of eco cities that emerge from developing nations. These cities will be able to attract investment, tourists, expand their GDP and create jobs. Besides that, the eco city will instill a sense of pride in its residents.

The Physical Location Of Cher EcoCity

The CHER Eco city plan will be implemented in a place of abundant natural resources and beauty between China and Nepal. It will be a city, which makes full use of solar energy, wind, and renewable waste to produce energy. Besides that, every resident will be encouraged to make use of green technology and lifestyles.

Cher EcoCity CHE Tokens

The CHE Tokens are ERC20 compliant tokens, usable on the CHER platform. Those who use these tokens will be able to utilize them for trade with the CHER Eco city platform. However, their sale and distribution will not be allowed in countries where cryptocurrency trading in banned. The CHER tokens are powered by the ethereum blockchain.

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