Chicago Blockchain Project

The voice of blockchain is a team that believes in teamwork. Many of the people in the organization have become connected to the blockchain infrastructure and technology through personal projects, as well as through the various team meetings. All team members are encouraged to build with the organization, as they receive assistance in realizing their dreams.

The Chicago Blockchain Project Event

The Chicago Blockchain Project is aimed at slowly building Chicago to eventually become the global blockchain capital. It is a fete that the organization hopes they can be able to achieve by stressing on the importance of collaboration, and the rewards that come by when people work as a team to help each other realize their dreams.

Voice of Blockchain August 24-25 Event Groups


It is a group that comprises of people who have been inspired to start creating for a better future. To be a builder, you do not need to be a master programmer or blockchain expert. The organization has made it clear that its doors are open to anyone and everyone residing in Chicago.

The organization is hopeful that in the near future, its members will be in a position to make contributions that showcases their value to the rest of the world. This is all aimed at showing members their true worth, instead of always relying on others to tell them what they are worth, as well as what they can or cannot do.


Whenever a group of builders come together in a bid to address a particular problem, they end up creating projects of their own. The main difference between a company and a project lies in the goals being addressed.

For projects, the primary goal is to address a particular problem and come up with a viable solution. For companies, their primary goal is on how the company will continue to exist for years to come. It is the reason why the organization has placed a lot of importance in its ability to solve emerging problems.


Builders need resources in order to be able to come up with projects. Resources come in various forms and include connections, funding, and space. The organization's role in the community involves curating such connections to make it possible for the builders to achieve success in the projects they are working on.


The voice of blockchain has entered into a partnership with W Chicago Lakeshore. It is the only hotel that is located close to the Navy Pier and also happens to be the only one overlooking Lake Michigan. Any person looking to attend the conference is requested to book their room in advance.

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