What Is chiliZ?

ChiliZ is a tokenized voting platform that empowers fans to crowd-manage sport and e-sports organizations.

The e-sports landscape seems to be changing. In the future, the e-sport strategy will not be built just by the team members, but it will be created by the fans. In this way, the crowd will be in charge of taking the decisions of their favorite teams.

ChiliZ wants to change the e-sports industry making fans engage in the e-sports. The intention is to make the ChiliZ platform a place in which the fans engage with the game and influence the game as much as possible. With voting rights, followers of a team will take strategic decisions and will fell part of the real game.

The ICO allows fans to become Socios for e-sports – managers of any competitive entity that is fuelled by its own Voting platform. At the same time, teams, leagues and events will be able to monetize the fan demand for these voting rights.

ChiliZ Fair Gaming & Esports Tokenized Voting Blockchain Roadmap

The platform and ChiliZ token will be available for some 3rd party early adopters and partners at the end of 2018.

During the first quarter of 2019, the platform will open up to full utility by all interested 3rd party team rosters, e-sports events, game publishers and league producers. There will be experiments carried out with ChiliZ’ permissioned blockchain for qualified small scale e-sports organizations to conduct controlled token sales moves closer to rollout.

During the third quarter of 2020, the platform would have its Voting crowd management and trading system used by conventional sports organizations across various game verticals.

chiliZ CHZ Token ICO Details

There will be minted 8,888,888,888 ChiliZ tokens ($CHZ). Of which the private pre sale and public sale hard cap will have 3,066,666,666 CHZ. The ChiliZ issued to Team + Seed Investors will be 1,111,111,110 CHZ. 266,666,666 will be issued to Advisory Board. The User Base Reserve will be 1,777,777,780. For marketing operations will be used 1,333,333,333. For strategic acquisitions will be destined 1,333,333,333.

The distribution will be as follows:

  • 3% for the Advisory Board
  • 5% for the Team
  • 7.5% for Seed Investors
  • 34.5% for Token Sale and Pre Sale
  • 20% User Base Reserve
  • 15% Marketing Operations

Who Is Behind ChiliZ?

Alexandre Dreyfus is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ChiliZ. He has 22 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in the digital space building & maturing tech businesses. Pioneered web-based interactive tourism guides in the late 90’s and worked in several other projects.

Thibaut Pelletier is the Chief Technology Officer. He has 13 years of experience in app & platform development for gaming and digital media. He developed state-of-the-art iGaming platform regulated in France to manage real-money gambling operators online.

Other team members are Max RAbinovitch, Emma Diskin, Fiobian Manicolo, Jade Cruickshank, Max Orlovsky, Eric Dais, Marius Mikusauskas, Carlos Muray, and many others.

chiliZ Conclusion

The ChiliZ platform seems a very interesting ICO that will allow e-sports and sport fans to be part of the decision making process in different teams across several sports. The token will be used by fans to make the decisions in the different e-sports squads.

The team has a great background compared with other ICOs and they will only get 5% of the total tokens. That’s a very low amount if we analyse it side by side with others ICOs that distribute 20% of the tokens to the founders.

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