One of the industries that have a massive growth in the entire world market is the video game industry. Although a majority of video games that generates billions of money are played online, there is a revolution in this industry that has just begun. Game developers are beginning to create great games with digital currencies inside them. These games are available with several in game items and real values making them hard to be duplicated.

What Is Chimaera?

Chimaera is the world’s blockchain gaming platform of its kind, which is low cost, universal, and has exhibited a great performance.

The developers of this great platform have not put into use a complex scripting language but instead, have decided to make it in such a way that game designers can put in all important data into the blockchain.

They are also given the opportunity to offload most of the work to another place. This platform enables all types of peer-to-peer applications to run on its main architecture.

How Chimaera Works

Chimaera is an open source blockchain application and video game platform. It is firmly designed on two of the most trusted codebases in the whole world. These are the Namecore and Bitcoin Core with elements from Huntercoin.

Chimaera is essentially created to be scalable to many concurrent world users by giving them an opportunity to download game state computations far from the Chimaera nodes. This is done by utilizing various game channels that are provided.

All of these off-chain calculations could be classed as just simple, smart contracts or fully complicated virtual game worlds.

One amazing thing about this platform is that all these are done with no absolute cost of processing.

Chimaera Features

The open source game apps are available in a number of coding languages. This is to give the designers an opportunity to begin designing games on this platform. This platform also comes with several tools for Unity 3d for interested developers.

It is also designed to be compatible with Unreal Engine and has ready API’s and SDKs.

This makes it easy to design multiplayer games on the network without requiring much. There is a proper asset management for all kinds of games; centralized and those that aren’t.

Chimaera platform provides what is known in the gaming world as the Trustless Exchange. This gives the users an opportunity to trade game currencies as well as assets such as cards, items, character, armor, and others for Chimaera Coins – CHI. It also accepts a number of other game coins that are built on Chimaera.

The platform is entirely free to use apart from the ordinary fees for the transaction that are charged.

The Blockchain & Chimaera Tokens

The Chimaera platform comes with its own independent blockchain, fully powered by the Chimaera tokens – CH tokens.

It is also available with a number of pioneering features characteristics that make it easy to lower the costs for developers while at the same time increasing the games’ scalability.

The tokens play a very vital role in the economies of in-game while making sure there are proper engagement, participation, and transaction between all the supported games.

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